Does the Name Tyshawn Lee Ring a Bell?

It continues to baffle me. Why do some of my black relatives think I am racially disloyal for rejecting the Left's lie that says cops murder blacks? Why can't my relatives see that by refusing to accept the truth that blacks are the greatest threat to black lives, they are ultimately causing more blacks to die. One must acknowledge the source of a problem before one can correct it.

Mainstream media, Democrats and Hollywood have despicably transformed black thugs, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray into rock stars of civil rights; almost household names. Despite national lynch-mob pressure to convict those accused of killing these three black criminals, all were found not guilty of wrongdoing. Still, the Left has successfully duped a majority of Americans into believing these three innocent young black males, Martin, Brown and Gray, were murdered in cold blood by racist cops and the (racist white) man. This false narrative is extremely harmful to all Americans and deadly for cops.

Meanwhile, the Left has insidiously kept the deaths of the following blacks killed or wounded at the hands of other blacks hidden from the national media spotlight.

In Kansas City, black boys 9 year-old Jayden Ugwuh and 8 year-old Montell Ross were both killed by shots fired into their home by black thugs.

Twenty-three-year-old black woman, Africa S. Bass, was shot and killed in a drive-by simply walking down a South Chicago street.

Black 19 year-old mother of a 2 year-old, Lekendra Childs was killed by blacks in a drive-by shooting in NE Houston.

In Minneapolis, black 2 year-old, Le'Vonte King Jason Jones was killed by blacks in a drive-by. His 15 month-old-sister, Mela Queen Melvina Jones was shot in the leg and hospitalized.

Miami-Dade black girl, 8 year-old Jada Brown was shot in the head and killed by blacks in a drive-by.

On Christmas Day in North Carolina, 1 year-old black baby, Maleah Williams was shot in the head and killed by blacks in a drive-by.

In Detroit, black 16 year-old Terell Coleman was killed by blacks in a drive-by. Terell stood on the wrong street-corner at the wrong time.

In Miami, black woman, 19 year-old Antguinisha Flowers was killed by blacks and her cousin 17 year-old Arthur Man was wounded as they stepped outside of their aunt's house during a drive-by shooting.

In Chicago, adult black men actually lured, ambushed and assassinated black 9 year-old Tyshawn Lee in a gang related incident involving Tyshawn's father.

The victims of the above crimes

Folks, I could go on and on naming innocent black victims of the absence of Godly morality that has devastated black communities. Blacks refuse to address epidemic black on black violence, unprecedented high numbers of fatherless households and extremely high school dropout rates. Let's just blame everything on white America and call it a day.

Allow me to cut to the chase. Blacks killing blacks, fatherless households and a high rate of school dropouts help the Democrats. With the help of their buddies in the mainstream media and Hollywood, Democrats continue promoting the lie that white racist America, conservatives and Republicans are the reason for all problems plaguing black neighborhoods. The Democrats' message is: keep us in power and we will keep these white, racist, selfish, rich and mean SOBs off your backs. Sadly, this con has worked for decades keeping far too many blacks slaves on the government plantation. Major cities controlled by Democrats tend to be hellholes of misery, moral and economic decline for blacks.

Alabama State's marching band honored thug Trayvon Martin by spelling, “Trayvon” on the field during their halftime show. It would have been far more beneficial to the preservation of black lives had the band spelled out, Jada, Terell or Tyshawn, innocent black youths killed by blacks in drive-by shootings.

Securing my position as the black, or should I say “white” sheep of the family in the eyes of some of my relatives, I have launched a nationwide Blue Lives Matter Celebration tour. God has led me to push back against the Left's evil bogus narrative which has painted a target on the backs of America's law enforcement officers. Please contribute to my tour at:

As I stated, the mindset of my black relatives is baffling. They perceive me to be a traitorous Uncle Tom for encouraging blacks to abandon victimhood-ism, which weakens them, and take total responsibility for their behavior and lives which empowers them. Why can't my relatives realize that blaming everything on the Left's straw-man (white America) ultimately leads to the senseless deaths of more blacks via black on black violence? All I know to do is to continue telling the truth and praying, “Lord, open their eyes.”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American; Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee;

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