Turning My Black Family, Young and Old, from the Dark Side

At birth, I was unusually small and had to be placed in an incubator. A nurse called me her little peanut. My family embraced her nickname for me. One of my nephews in Baltimore phoned his Uncle Peanut. He is black, 40-something, and a Christian. Years ago, he learned a highly in-demand trade which has earned him a very good living; owning a home and numerous big boy toys; motorcycles and cars. He is living the American Dream, right? His purpose for calling was to get my take on the presidential election; Trump vs Hillary. I was stunned that he never heard of the Benghazi attack, nor Hillary's role in the deaths of four Americans.  He was also clueless about Hillary's email scandal. I felt a little anxious, pressured to dump as much info as possible into this low-info-voter in one phone call. I encouraged him to see the new D'Souza movie, Hillary's America. My nephew's ignorance regarding Hillary is a perfect example of what we are up against, folks....(Read Full Article)