The Backward Pull of Islamic Health Practices

As the West advances civilization with medical research that results in better health and longer life spans, Islamic health norms pull civilization backwards. And as the Muslim population in the West rises, the health implications are profound.

Let’s start with what is likely the greatest blow to human development: inbreeding. Muslims do a lot of it. In fact half of the world’s Muslims (about a billion of them) are inbred. And many of those are the product of generation after generation of inbreeding, which further compounds the genetic impact.

Some of the negative effects of inbreeding include diminished IQ (at least 10-16 points lower than normal), mental illness, mental retardation, developmental disabilities, lack of emotional control, limited ability to perform basic educational and/or work-related functions, anti-social behavior, increased risk of birth defects, an array of diseases, and stillbirths. (See here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

With the introduction of inbreeding among the populace, we’re confronting an increase in the number of people who have an array of physical, mental, and psychological deficits that significantly reduce their ability to be productive members of society.

In their home country (please stay home!), 70% of Pakistani marriages are between first cousins. Pakistanis who live in the West are less likely to engage in inbreeding, but not by much. In the UK, for example, the percentage of Pakistani couples who are first cousins is a shocking 55%. And while children born in the UK to Pakistani parents account for 3% of the total population, these children account for one-third of all genetic diseases in the country.

Nicolas Sennels, a Danish psychologist who has done meticulous research on the subject of Muslim inbreeding, published a seminal article a few years ago in which he notes that Muslims are overrepresented among the criminally insane and that in Copenhagen, alone, the number of disabled children increased 100% in just ten years, a trend that correlates with a spike in the Muslim population in the city. He hypothesizes that Muslim inbreeding might explain why “non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the Danish army’s intelligence test than native Danes,” “two thirds of all immigrant school children with Arabic backgrounds are illiterate after ten years in the Danish school system,” and there is scant amount of scientific research performed in Muslim countries, among other outcomes that point to a population that has a high percentage of individuals who operate on a sub-par level.

And this is what the West is eager to import.

And not just import, but lie about. One dare not speak the truth about Muslim inbreeding (or any other truth about Islam). In our brave new world, the truth on such matters is not looked upon kindly. We are living in an age when blasphemy laws are upheld by useful idiots the world over, from Joe Shmo to the President of the United States and everyone in between. And so, a few years ago when Steve Jones, a world-renowned geneticist, tried to point out the fact that inbreeding isn’t good and that a lot of Muslims engage in it, he was vilified. Apparently useful-idiot-politically-correct-Muslim-apologist-dhimmi Westerners need not be inbred to exhibit a classic symptom of the practice.

Another backward norm in the Muslim world related to health (or lack thereof) is female genital mutilation (FGM) -- a barbaric practice performed in a barbaric way with lifelong consequences that include premature death.

FGM is on the rise throughout the West, a phenomenon attributed to the influx from African nations. The number of people coming to the United States from Africa has doubled every decade since 1970. As a result, the number of girls living in the United States who are at risk for FGM is estimated to be at least half a million. Most of their families are from Egypt or Somalia. Nearly all, therefore, are Muslim. (See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

FGM is illegal in this country. It’s also illegal to takes girls abroad to be cut, but that doesn’t stop many families from doing so or from bringing someone here to perform the savage procedure in secret.

In the United Kingdom, where the proportion of Muslims in the general population is higher than here (though thanks to the political elites in America we’re catching up fast), the number of new cases of Muslim girls butchered by FGM is skyrocketing. Like here, most girls are cut during the summer when school is out and taken to their country of origin to be mutilated. Also, as here, it’s illegal to encourage or in any way participate in helping girls travel abroad to be cut. Despite this, families defy the law and Muslim clerics continue to advocate for FGM.

But Muslim clerics aren’t the only ones pushing depraved ideas. As the West persists in being willfully compliant with Islamic norms, you wind up with crazy things like Swedish doctors urging women who come from “honor cultures” to pierce their genitals with a needle on their wedding night to ensure they bleed, thus confirming in the husband’s mind that his new wife was a virgin -- lest he question her honor and be compelled to murder her. In Canada, at the behest of Muslim men, doctors were performing “virginity tests” and issuing “chastity certificates” until the country finally banned them in 2013 after discovering the bodies of four Afghan women who were the victims of honor killings.

And who can forget when the American Medical Association came up with the first-harm-then-figure-out-the-rest-later idea of performing ritual “nicks” on Muslim girls in order to prevent families from bringing them overseas for FGM.

Yeah, that’s the way to go. Let’s embrace some variation of Islamic sickness. As long as it’s not quite as extreme and we use sterile instruments, it’s ok, right?

Also in the women-can’t-catch-a-break-under-the-sharia category and related to health issues, the Muslim community in Italy promoted the idea that Muslim women seek medical care only with an imam’s consent. (I would venture to guess this is common and not unique to Italian Muslims.) The likely result? Increased disease among Muslim women in Italy that, in some cases, will affect the general population. The impact will be two-fold as contagious diseases will make others sick and the cost of care for these Muslimas will rise as diseases will have progressed to needless points of severity due to lack of medical attention early on.

And speaking of needless disease, another frontier where the Islamic world pulls civilization backwards is in the area of immunizations. Exhibit A for this is Dr. Abdul Majid Katme who urges Muslims not to vaccinate their children. Katme argues that most vaccines contain products that are forbidden according to Islamic law. Instead of vaccinating children, he suggests children develop their immune systems naturally and as long as they lead “Islamically healthy lives” they will be healthy. Vaccines are also viewed with suspicion in Muslim-majority countries. As a result, polio -- a devastating disease we long since eradicated in the West -- remains a very real threat (here, here, and here).

Additional examples of Islam’s backward influence on health in modern societies includes Muslim patients refusing palliative care based on the Quran’s teachings that Muslims must be alert before Allah. Even when palliative care physicians ensure that supportive pain management will not make them drowsy, some patients persist in rejecting it -- a rejection founded in deeply held beliefs that pain is purifying and suffering is necessary.

Fine. Go for it.

Then there are Muslim visitors to hospitals who refuse to use alcohol-based sanitizing gels before entering patient units, despite the fact that signs are plentiful asking visitors to use the gel in order to reduce infection risk to patients. So while the West continues to battle increasingly deadly antibiotic-resistant pathogens, some Muslims put their holy book before patient safety.

And not to get into too much detail, but bathroom hygiene practices as written in the hadith are not exactly what one would consider reflective of infection control in public settings (here, here, and here).

How far back have we been pulled? To the 7th century yet? Not quite, but we’re headed in that direction.

We’ve got invaders sweeping across Europe, and to a lesser degree (though not less enough) the United States, importing a host of highly communicable diseases, many of which had been eradicated in the West long ago, such as syphilis and tuberculosis, along with diseases unfamiliar to the West. And barbarians, being who they are, throw plastic bags filled with their infected urine at health care providers when they don’t receive care when they want it, how they want it.

And if that doesn’t quite yank us into the dark ages, there’s always Ashura, a Muslim holiday when shirtless Muslim men (and boys) flog themselves in public with sharp chains and/or cut their scalps with knives and swords, as blood pours into the street. And yes, they do it here, in cities across the United States (here, here, here, and here).

It’s sickness -- literally and figuratively -- as far as the eye can see.

(To read more about the intersection of Islam, medicine, and the West, see here and here.)

Hat tips: Atlas Shrugs for Ashura resources and Gates of Vienna for linking to the Sennels article

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