Ryan Lochte, Hillary Clinton, and Apologies

Despite some epic athletic performances by superhuman athletes, one of the biggest stories to come out of the 2016 Rio Olympics is the saga of Ryan Lochte and his three teammates being robbed at gunpoint. Was the story plausible? Sure. Rio de Janeiro and Brazil are known for high rates of crime, especially young gangs of thieves robbing both locals and tourists, as CNN reported ahead of the Olympic Games. Only it turns out, Lochte and his fellow swimmers, under the influence of alcohol, “overexaggerated” the story as Lochte admitted to Matt Lauer in a recent interview. Instead of being robbed, the security guards were demanding money as payment for damages done by the young men at a gas station. The story overshadowed the second week of the Olympic Games on social media and during actual news coverage of the games. Brazilian police and judges were involved, to the point of creating an international incident. In the end the truth came out, along with tears and...(Read Full Article)