Ransom, the Law, and the Obama Administration

Fairy tales can come true, it could happen to those who are lucky and politically naïve at heart. Unfortunately, the Obama administration in its relations with Iran has gone to extremes with impossible schemes and tales that fly in the face of objective reality, and even disregard the law. With the eagerness of short-sighted detectives, President Barack Obama and his team have doggedly proclaimed they have found the benefits to the United States and to the world of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed on July 13, 2015 with Iran, a nuclear deal that had been opposed by 58 U.S. senators. A year later, on July 14, 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke of JCPOA that had succeeded in restraining Iran’s nuclear program in a way that guaranteed that it would not be pursuing a nuclear weapons program. He said that the agreement, the result of a multilateral, complicated negotiation, had made the world safer and less volatile. He explained it opened the door...(Read Full Article)