Is Hillary the Joker?

It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  It’s Superwoman. Actually, it’s super corrupt Hillary Clinton, acting like the Joker. Taking an already powerful non-fiction book, this graphic novel, Clinton Cash, allows for the facts to be visually expressed. The authors understood that not everyone has the time to plow through a factually based book, so they put forth their evidence in a humorous short, snappy, and clear way to expose the vastness of the evil and corrupt global Clinton Machine. 

The authors allowed American Thinker to post some of the best-illustrated pages for readers to get a glimpse. Those that worked on this graphic novel have impressive résumé. Chuck Dixon is best known for working on the Batman comics in the 1990s as well as The Punisher and "the Simpsons". Brett R. Smith is a storyboard and commercial artist. He has worked with Marvel and DC Entertainment, Hasbro, and the Cartoon Network to name a few, on projects that have included The Avengers, Superman, GI Joe, and Wolverine. It is obvious the writers, illustrators, and artists did a phenomenal job. 

People should not forget how the Clintons amassed their vast financial empire. This graphic novel shows the connection between their personal fortune, friends, the Clinton Foundation, and foreign nations. Payments to the Clinton Foundation and to Bill Clinton through high speaking fees by foreign entities ultimately received favors from Hillary Clinton’s State Department in return. As Donald Trump stated, “Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft. She ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund, doing favors for oppressive regimes, and many others and really many, many others in exchange for cash.”

Brett R. Smith told American Thinker, “I am outraged because Hillary Clinton is no doubt the most corrupt political candidate of our lifetime. I believe satire is

 the most dangerous kind of humor that can be engaged in. We used the left’s game and turned it right back on them. The left should not own pop culture. I think we have connected with younger readers since we are in the top 100 with teens. Those o

f us who grew up reading comics as well as many in their twenties will be able to see the facts in this 

form. Our goal was to show the other side of Hillary Clinton that mainstream media never speaks of.”

To provide a common thread, the authors decided to use a Haitian family -- inprobably the only part that is fictional -- tell their story throughout, and how the Clinton Foundation affected them. The truth as portrayed by this family is that many were left out to dry by the graft and corruption of the Clintons and their friends.

One of Brett’s favorites is the politician standing in front of the podium wearing a Uranium 1 hat with the American flag in the background and the stars replaced by a hash tag. But other highlights include the Clintons playing golf with Khamenei and company, Hillary and Bill taking a camel ride, or in a rainforest getting rich. But the page entitled “the Clinton Blur” is possibly one of the best, a parody that shows Bill Clinton as the “Flash,” reminiscent of the old time comic book. The panels are also informative. For example, the texts saying “Isn’t it troubling that Bill was being paid by a private corporation that was also benefitting from State Department actions… Isn’t it troubling that this conflict of interest was not disclosed.”

Because Brett wanted to appeal to the curiosity seeker, he told American Thinker there are hidden meanings in the background of the artwork. For example, in the Re-set chapter, Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing poker with Hillary Clinton. The gold bracelet he uses for a bet is seen again a few panels down now being worn by Hillary. 

Brett speculates that down the line maybe there will be another graphic novel. “At the convention, I watched Bill describe his relationship with Hillary as a love story. He was really reaching going there. Then I saw this floating gigantic Hillary head on top of the jumbo screen and thought this is something out of the book 1984. That is when I thought we should do a weekly strip considering all the material they provide.”

The graphic novel inspired by the New York Times bestseller of the same name is stunningly illustrated, hilarious, fresh, interesting, and authentic. It brings to life Bill and Hillary Clinton’s fleecing of the U.S. and putting its national security at risk. This novel raises serious questions of judgment, of possible indebtedness to an array of foreign interests, and ultimately, of her fitness for the office of the presidency.

The author writes for American Thinker. She has done book reviews, author interviews, and has written a number of national security, political, and foreign policy articles.

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