Forget Milwaukee: Cedar Rapids Had Much Better Black Mob Violence and Denial

You can have Milwaukee. For the best example of black mob violence and media denial over the last few days, I’ll take Cedar Rapids. People outside of Milwaukee may be a bit surprised that last week hundreds of black people burned down businesses, threw bricks at cops, attacked white people, and created an enormous amount of mayhem. All because police killed a member of that city’s black criminal elite after he pointed a stolen gun at them. The New York Times certainly was -- it even dug up  a few locals to say so. But on the porches of Milwaukee, the home town crowd remember how hundreds of black people rampaged through a recent state fair, attacking white people in and outside of the fairgrounds -- with all the bloody carnage captured on 911 calls. Other locals remember the White Girl Bleed a Lot beatdown -- that inspired a best seller by the same name! -- and how black racial hostility and denial was on full display there as...(Read Full Article)