Forget Milwaukee: Cedar Rapids Had Much Better Black Mob Violence and Denial

You can have Milwaukee.

For the best example of black mob violence and media denial over the last few days, I’ll take Cedar Rapids.

People outside of Milwaukee may be a bit surprised that last week hundreds of black people burned down businesses, threw bricks at cops, attacked white people, and created an enormous amount of mayhem. All because police killed a member of that city’s black criminal elite after he pointed a stolen gun at them.

The New York Times certainly was -- it even dug up  a few locals to say so.

But on the porches of Milwaukee, the home town crowd remember how hundreds of black people rampaged through a recent state fair, attacking white people in and outside of the fairgrounds -- with all the bloody carnage captured on 911 calls.

Other locals remember the White Girl Bleed a Lot beatdown -- that inspired a best seller by the same name! -- and how black racial hostility and denial was on full display there as well.

And of course, just a few weeks ago, large groups of black people in the same area were rioting and throwing rocks at cops and destroying property.  All on local TV, all attributed to the troublesome teens.  Again.

Others talk about Juneteenth, Racine, Madison and even Green Bay, also sites of recent black mob violence all documented at the Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry YouTube channel.

Every porch has a favorite. Aside from reporters and public officials, no one said it was new or even surprising.

Milwaukee did offer some fresh material for the aficionado of black mob violence and media denial: the video of the dead guy’s sister pleading with black people to only destroy the white suburbs because black people need their weave stores intact was memorable enough for pure malice and hypocrisy.

Then CNN took it to a new level: the network edited the sister’s comments to make it seem as if she was calling for peace, not riots. And in case we missed the editing, CNN even reminded us with a helpful graphic.

Call it a reverse Zimmerman.

That is hall of fame quality denial, deceit and delusion. So that’s in Milwaukee’s favor.

The rioters get full marks too. Much of the organized black mob violence we have seen in the last few years in Ferguson and Baltimore and Oakland and dozens of other cities has a whitewashed quality to it.

That’s because the PR bunnies on the ground are constantly reminding the rioters to talk with their inside voices: The riots are all about police brutality and how that has been happening a long time.  So white people deserve it. Talk about black people hating white devils is discouraged.

The reporters merrily go along, referring to “largely peaceful” protests, even as Molotov cocktails fly through the air on B roll.

But in Milwaukee, the early black mob violence had a more authentic feel because much of it happened before the PR bunnies arrived. So the rioters were quite eager to talk about how they hated white people and how they would assault them if given the chance. Which they did.

But all in all, the script is getting a bit too familiar: Fake outrage from rioters -- they are actually having a great time, as videos demonstrate -- followed by real cowardice from public officials who allow destruction of private property, all accompanied by the denial, deceit and delusion from reporters.

It could have been Baltimore on an off night.

But I’ll take Cedar Rapids.

The occasion was the St. Jude’s Sweet Corn Festival on Friday night. Up to 200 black people were rampaging through the fair, knocking over strollers -- with babies in them -- destroying property, fighting, creating mayhem, terrorizing neighbors, and of course, attacking police.

One paper got it right, the Cedar Rapids Defender. A few excerpts:

There was an air of violence at the St. Jude Sweet Corn Festival Saturday night in Cedar Rapids. 

What happened next was described as a nightmare and pure chaos by those at the scene. The event attracted mass hordes of teenagers, some claiming to be from Black Lives Matter, loitering about, bickering with rival gangs and threatening violence.

A police officer attempting to detain a teenage youth, was subsequently ambushed by dozens of kids, who kicked and stomped, beating him on the ground. The officer who was assaulted, luckily, suffered only minor injuries. Police announced they had detained six juveniles on charges of disorderly conduct and assault on a peace officer.

About 150 teenagers were seen running towards the fighting as the police fought back against the mob. The teens had been a disturbance all night as there are reports of racially motivated assaults and items being thrown at police. 

The words “Black Lives Matter” came across the CR police scanner according to our overnight crime reporter.

One innocent victim was elbowed, stepped on and kicked during the stampede.

The rest of the media in Cedar Rapids stuck to the usual script of ‘groups of racially ambiguous children doing all sorts of bad things for no reason whatsoever, other than that is just kids blowing off some steam.’

My own favorite headline came from one of the TV stations: “St. Jude Sweet Corn Festival Shut Down Due to Reckless Children.”

This was the third year in a row where reckless children masquerading as black people rampaged through and ruined the Sweet Corn Festival. 

And the same group of people do the same kind of things at other festivals in Cedar Rapids: “The gang violence at the Sweet Corn Festival mirrors what we saw happen at Hog Wild Days, before escalating violence got the event shut down permanently.”

And downtown Cedar Rapids is also a scene of regular black argy bargy.

Meanwhile, in the Montgomery County suburb of Washington, D.C., a few hundred black people did the same at their county fair, only add in a bit more violence and stabbing, and subtract a bit less media surprise.

They are way past offering excuses in D.C. -- even the ignorance and denial is half-hearted. After all, black mob violence has been happening at that fair every year for the last 15.

So Cedar Rapids may have a way to go -- but they are off to a great start.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization. Check out his YouTube channel for new episodes of black violence and black on white crime at