Driving Miss Soros

Looking every bit like an aged matron who flew the convent coop during the aftermath of Vatican II (all Catholic readers of a certain age know exactly what I mean), Ms. Soros looks a bit peaked, though still quite fetching in her charcoal gray pantsuit.

Screen shot: WashingtonTimes.com/AP

Her His Xyr/Hir/Pers/Vis/Eir appearance is eerily similar to that of Dame Margaret Rutherford, although Soros is considerably the older of the two as pictured.

Screen shot: fanpop.com

​I know that most people refer to George Soros as "Mr. Soros," but far be it from me to pigeonhole a public figure's gender identity, especially hers his xyrs/hirs/pers/vis/eirs.  

After all, Soros has contributed millions of dollars to undo the very scientific binary understanding of sex and gender.  So one must at least consider the possibility that deep down inside, there is something unseen by the rest of us that drives the man person – some set of unresolved sexual identity issues – and this is no doubt why, now that Soros is well beyond eighty years old, his her xyr/hir/pers/vis/eir outward appearance is likewise becoming increasingly sexually ambiguous.

"Soros" is a rare palindrome, just like 666.  It also happens to be a feminine noun found in Greek New Testament manuscripts meaning "an open coffin" or "receptacle for keeping the bones of the dead."  Interesting.  Many would agree that this is curiously, queerly fitting and that it explains a lot.  A whole lot.

The only other twentieth-century man person who has had as much of an impact on our culture and politics is Saul Alinsky.  While Alinsky died 44 years ago, he has proven more influential – some would say more dangerous – since his death.  Perhaps this is his postmortem reward for having dedicated his landmark work, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer, aka Satan.  Perhaps Alinsky has been afforded the opportunity to continue to have a hand in community organizing from beyond the grave?  It's not unthinkable, but who really knows for sure how these things work?

This might also explain the unlikely durability of the candidacy of the unpopular Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of Alinksy's chief acolytes.  And let's not forget: just as Damian Thorn had a huge multinational organization – Thorn Industries – behind his quest for the United States presidency, so too does Hillary Clinton have the Clinton Foundation and its Clinton Global Initiative.  Sometimes truth is just as strange as fiction, and fiction can be an omen, a portent, a warning from the past of what is to come.

Screen shots: Omen.wikia.com / Fresno University

In a 1972, Playboy Magazine interview, Alinsky said: "[I]f there is an afterlife, and I have anything to say about it, I will unreservedly choose to go to hell[.] ... Hell would be heaven for me."  That also explains a whole lot.

The links run deeper than anyone knows: Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton's lifelong hero, interviewed for Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine; Hefner enjoys wearing his PJs and bathrobe in public, as does Clinton.

Screen shots: NBC, Accuracy in Media, Drudge/AP

Back to Soros:

Soros will soon leave behind a huge, beastly mark on our world via a massive scorched earth policy inflicted on civil society.  But why?  It's a head-scratcher.  And the obliteration of gender is just one component among many in Soros's strategy.

What motivates a person to make this sort of vast anti-human quest one's life's goal?  To purposefully leave a trail of societal destruction in the wake of one's life?  It sure would be nice to know what has actually been driving Miss Soros all these years.

* Apologies to Miss Daisy and Hoke.

One postscript to correct a popular misconception that Donald Trump has promoted about Ms. Clinton:

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