Defeating Terrorism Overseas and Civilization Jihad at Home

With regard to foreign policy and issues of war and peace, it’s important to reflect on history to understand how the fighting of wars has changed and what is at stake today for all Americans. Looking back over the last century, World War I and II, had ideological components and but the main events were full-blown military engagements that entailed massive loss of life, property and the destruction of entire cities. What some have referred to as World War III has had more ideological components, and lesser military conflicts -- at least so far. It turns out that although conflicts may have been and appear to continue to be smaller and more regional, modern warfare has also evolved into two-front engagements that have elements of total war -- the front line of specific military conflicts, like in Vietnam, and the second front waged by the enemy within our borders for the basic purpose of delegitimizing war efforts and undermining the will to fight. The Vietnam War experience...(Read Full Article)