A New York Mule with a Mind of His Own

During the course of the Bush years and Obama administration, an inept and ignorant – yet arrogant – Progressive influence regained control of the Republican Party leadership and policies.  Going back to the days of Teddy Roosevelt, Progressives have held an influence in forming the Republican Party platform – some election cycles stronger than others.  But make no mistake about it!  As soon as Ronald Reagan boarded the plane for that last trip to California, the Bush Progressives seized control, crated up the elephant, and sold her to the circus.  Much as CBS had done in the late '60s when the network wanted to shake its "country bumpkin" image and canceled all of their highly rated rural themed comedy programming; highbrow Washington party insiders, embarrassed by their perceived "Middle America grassroots" image and yearning to attract a more glamorous and sophisticated following, plotted to overthrow the Reagan remnant...(Read Full Article)