Trump Is Right on Russia

Donald Trump has the right idea about Vladimir Putin and Russia.  Trump is a realist and a nationalist. The Russian Republic is not the Soviet Union.  During the Cold War, the Kremlin described America as the "Main Enemy," and Soviet agents as well as communist sympathizers in America colluded against our nation as part of an ideological jihad against us.  Today that Soviet Empire has lost its satellites in the Warsaw Pact nations as well as the old Marxist states of Yugoslavia and Albania, a loss to the old Soviet Empire of about 125 million people.  The disintegration of the Soviet Union itself into twelve nations means that the Russian Republic has 117 million fewer people than the old Soviet Union.  The Russian Republic has only 37% of the population of the old communist empire, which stretched from the Elbe River to Sakhalin.  The changes from the old, threatening Soviet Empire into the Russian Republic today involve more than just...(Read Full Article)