The Latinization of the West

The term seems absurd. Weren't the Latins a Western people? Yes, at one time they were. Two millennia later their culture is awash around the globe, primarily as an example of poor governance, corruption, and quasi-military rule. America and Europe are headed in that direction.

The Latini were an Indo-European (IE) people (read "White") who migrated into the Italian Peninsula around 1000 BC.  We first take notice of them when the Latins overthrew their monarchy to set up Rome, as an aristocratic Republic -- a common government structure among IE tribes.  In 509 BC, the monarchy was overthrown, with a preliminary Republic being set up.

The Republic was initially weighted in favor of noble families, but over time rights were extended to the common man.

At that time, were one in Rome, one would have found an Indo-European (IE) people at every point. Yes, there were some non-European elements in the local Italian populations. Early Phoenician settlers had left their DNA all over the Mediterranean basin, but ancient Rome was, to put it bluntly, white. Let us not devolve into debate whether the nobles were untainted Nordics -- as some claim -- or generic Europeans.  What is clear is that Rome and its early days were European.

As Rome expanded, it incorporated into its fold various non-Latin peoples:  Southern Italians; the Phoenicians and Greeks of Sicily; the Celts of North Italy (Cisalpine Gaul); the Gauls of France; the Celts, Iberian-Basque, and Phoenicians of Spain; the Brythonic Celts of Britannia (the name of England would not be affixed to the area until the later Anglo-Saxon invasions); the Greeks of Greece and Anatolia, and some Germano-Celtic mixes near the Rhine valley.  With the exception of the Basque and Phoenicians, almost all of these people were IE. And it is not clear if the Phoenicians and Basque did not have some IE elements among them.

However, when Rome went south, into North Africa and Asia Minor, it incorporated inassimilable elements. The eastern Semitic areas were constantly rebellious, the most famous being the Jews who were eventually expelled from the area. The wars between Persia and Rome lasted for seven hundred years, from the Republican era until the Eastern Roman Empire of Heraclius finally throttled the Persians -- something that Julius Caesar could only have dreamed about -- only to lose it a few years later to the Muslims.

The Romans believed that Republican virtues were incompatible with Eastern civilization. The Romans knew enough to tread lightly with the Celts, who would rise up over minor infringements on their rights; but to bear down on Eastern peoples who were ungovernable apart from despots; and the Romans chose their local rulers accordingly. Republican principles were fostered in the West -- even in the age of Empire; while the Easterners were considered incapable of civilization, and ruled by force.

The Romans managed their empire by nepotism and corruption. There is no other way to rule divergent and distinct peoples. Provinces were doled out to friends, generals, and political allies.  Their chief duty was to garner taxes for Rome. Wise governors attenuated their rule to local customs and needs, often achieving a symbiosis and a degree of freedom, as was common in the West; much rarer in the East.

The originally ferociously hostile Celtic Britons eventually came to love Roman rule and order, and -- as the empire collapsed -- were sorry to see it fall.  So they invited in some Germanic tribes from Denmark and North Germany as mercenaries to keep order.  The Anglo-Saxons soon took over.

As Rome collapsed, the peasants who had some rights under the Roman system, had to surrender them to local fiefs in exchange for protection.  The feudal system was born.

Simultaneous with this collapse, the Islamic invasions of South Europe happened. Spain was under the scimitar for 781 years. Greece was under Ottoman rule for 400 years. The Balkans similarly.  Sicily was under Islamic rule for 240 years. Crimean Ukraine was under Islamic tyranny for over 300 years. Southern Italy was regularly sacked.

Given the sexual predations of the Muslims, it would be only natural to assume that the genetic makeup of Southern Europe was altered; and indeed it was so.

Southern Europeans get a significant portion of their genetic ancestry from North Africa, new research suggests. ...

The team found that for Southwestern Europeans (those from Italy, Spain and Greece), between 4 and 20 percent of their genomes came from North Africa ... Live Science

Essentially, South Europeans are mixed. When the Spanish and Portuguese Empire took over the Americas, many of the IE whites sent out were not as white as they thought they were. Moreover, the Spanish and Portuguese sent out soldiers, not families, with the natural outcome being that a class of mestizos (children of European conquistadors, and native women) soon arose. 

America and Canada were unique in that most of the arriving colonists brought European women with them; and by 1900 they had eventually recapitulated Europe in North America. Not so with Latin America, where the mixing had produced mind-numbing classes of people: mestizos (mixed white-Indian); castizos (mixed white-Indian, favoring the white); cholos (white-Indian, favoring the Indian); zambos (mixed black-Indian); pardos (a mix of white, black, and Indian).  There were ridiculous charts to make classification easy; but the variety of mixes always ran ahead of the bureaucrats’ ability to classify. In the end, Latin America produced ruling white elites that ran whole countries with an iron fist. Government was corrupt, the heritage of Roman and Moorish civilization.

Still, such white rule was often by an unstable minority; and today the veneer is cracking. In much of Latin America, the indigenous elements are reasserting themselves.  Paraguay has made Guarani an official language. Peru and Bolivia have re-invigorated the Quechuan and Aymara affiliated tongues. If this sounds wonderful, let us remember that some barbaric practices are also returning.

In Peru, sacred fighting rituals are common,

In Santo Tomas, the festival is known as Takanakuy, everybody fights everybody, and it happens bright and early Christmas morning.  - CNN

The Peruvian government no longer tries to suppress the festivities. In Bolivia, Tinku brawling is common.  There is evidence that occasional ritual human sacrifice still goes on in the Andes.  In a famous 1960 incident, in Chile, a six-year-old was killed by Mapuche Indians to placate the gods.

Today, as European "white" Christian civilization is denigrated, these indigenous practices will once again bubble up. Already this is happening in Latin America.

Now that all civilizations -- rather than individuals -- are considered equal, Western Civilization will decay into a Latin American mode of rule. The semi-civilized will rule over retro-barbaric people.  Rather than civilizing these people -- which would, of course, be cultural imperialism -- the situation will descend toward barbarity. Brazil is the ultimate example, where quite prosperous whites are known to take helicopters to work to avoid the nearby heavily black favelas

As the United States imports more non-Europeans, it will be impossible to rule democratically, and the Latinization of the USA will be complete.  As whites intermarry with non-whites, we will recapitulate the phenotypical appearance of many Latins as well.

This is not racism. The problem here is that Western civilization is no longer being taught to the kids. It was once considered okay to Christianize the pagan blond Scandinavians and Slavs, but heaven forfend that we proselytize a Muslim or a Buddhist.

Hence, we get the academe's celebration of voodoo in the Caribbean and Candomble in Brazil as vital expressions of Afro-Latin culture rather than destructive practices that hold Afro-Latins back.  We get celebrations of Islam in the halls of institutions once founded by Christian clergy, like Harvard.

And how many of you knew that Ricky Ricardo's Babalu was based on the Santeria Afro-Orisha-Yoruba deity of Babalú-Ayé? Hollywood cleaned it up and  Americanized Babalu in the 1950s; but Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) might as well have been singing to African demons. In fact, he was.  Babalu was one nasty pagan deity. Of course, it is impolitic to say that,

I am not saying whites are superior, but Western civilization clearly is -- a result of Christianity, an outgrowth of Judaism. As we abandon that heritage, we will end up losing democracy, and running our countries as the Latins do ... by elites who seek only to sustain their class, while surrendering the poor pagans -- and indeed, many of the indigenous are pagan -- to their own devices, unworthy of education and enlightenment.

The Latin elites acted out of racism. They considered the darker elements inferior. Today, we are doing it out of a misapplication of egalitarianism. We consider our civilization unworthy to recommend. The effect is the same, a class of uneducated people will arise who can only be contained by force.

Islam, as bad as it is, is no match for this degree of anarchy. The inevitable result of multiculturalism will be the morass of Latin America. If you want to see where the West, and ultimately the world, is going, take a look at Eva Morales' Bolivia or Maduro's Venezuela.

Mike Konrad is the pen name of an American who is neither Latin, nor Arab. He runs a website,, where he discusses the subculture of Arabs in Latin America. He wishes his Spanish were better.