The American Left Has Won

The Democrats in the House of Representatives recently staged a theatrical sit-in ostensibly demanding that they, as an oppressed and victimized minority, be allowed to vote on additional gun control measures.  This childish attempt to mimic the demonstrations attendant to the union organization drives of the early 20th Century and the civil rights movement of 1960’s was produced by myopic fools who do not seem to understand that they have won.  They now control virtually all levers of power in the federal government, dominate one major political party and fully intimidate the other, and are successfully altering society as a whole.  They have defeated “the man.”

As long as there was a villain to condemn for all perceived and imagined evils and the bulk of the citizenry kept their nose to the grindstone thus fashioning the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the annals of mankind, the Left need never accept responsibility for their program failures as well as their inane actions and proposals.  However, thanks to the past eight years, what was once essentially “fun and games” for the Left has accelerated into reality.

Thus, after nearly a century, with the implicit abetting by a feckless opposition party over the past 30 years, The American Left has succeeded in breaking nearly everything in the china shop.  So, a question for the Left and their tacit allies: now that you own it what are you going to do with it?

You claim a desire to transform America.  Transform it into what? 

Oftentimes you bandy about the example of Sweden or other Euro-socialist nations as prime models of transformative countries.  However, Sweden has 3.0% of the population and 4.5% of the land area of the United States.  Further, as is true of virtually all European nations, Sweden’s entire history (620 years) has been as a monarchy and an all-powerful central government with a compliant and ethnically homogeneous population.  Nonetheless, even with these favorable factors, Sweden is currently and desperately looking for ways to get out from under the oppressive weight of their brand of socialism

On the other hand, the United States, that you now govern, is a nation the size of the entire continent of Europe with a population of over 320 million.  Further, it stands alone in history as: 1) a nation founded in revolution, 2) a country with a 240-year history of individual freedom and free enterprise and, 3) as a political entity with overwhelming ethnic diversity.   Therefore, your challenges are going to be quite different from that of any of your statist idols of the past.

Through your domination of the education establishment two generations have been taught to believe that the United States is a flawed, racist and malevolent country.   Over the years you have, in keeping with Marxist strategy, convinced a near majority of the American population that capitalism is the bane of mankind and only empowers the wealthy.  Only a powerful central government can assure the equitable distribution of wealth, provide for cradle to grave security, and solve all the ills of mankind. 

You have, over the years, taken gradual steps to bring those tenets to fruition.  However, under the Obama administration you have dramatically hastened the process.

First, is a rapidly growing and vast regulatory regime overwhelmingly dominated by your fellow leftist bureaucrats.  As of today there are nearly 1.1 million federal regulations spanning 186,000 pages in the Code of Federal Regulations coupled with 75,000 pages in the Internal Revenue Code costing the economy over $2 Trillion in annual compliance costs.  Your mindless acceptance of “global warming” or “climate change” is eventuating in further regulatory chaos and massive economic dislocation that is destroying innumerable jobs and untold billions in wealth creation.

Second, in order to finance the various social programs and debt forgiveness you have promised, you are proposing further confiscatory tax rates on the upper income groups, who are the driving force behind job and wealth creation.  Your plan to confiscate up to 60% of all the annual income of the top 5% of earners in the country would fund the government for less than 6 months.  While you will succeed in achieving retribution, these people would soon leave for more hospitable climes or drop out of the rat race altogether.

Third, in a sop towards populism and increasing government revenue you are threatening massive new tariffs and potential international trade wars.  The nearly 20 million Americans jobs that currently rely on international trade would be in jeopardy.  If these policies were enacted, and as someone who has spent over 30 years in the field of international finance, I can guarantee there would be little or no repatriation of jobs to the United States and a depression would be inevitable.

Fourth, in order to finance unbridled government spending you have sanctioned never-ending deficit spending (doubling the debt in 9 years) and to ostensibly spur economic growth the Federal Reserve has resorted to near endless de facto money creation.  There is little doubt that there will be another major international financial crisis within the next 12 to 18 months.   These interminable policies have exhausted any viable means of coping with the next catastrophe.

Thanks primarily to your desire for unbridled immigration (including legalizing those here illegally), the working age population of this country will increase nearly 20 million by 2030.  In order to get back to the level of employment at the turn of this century, over 30 million jobs will need to be created.  How do you plan to do that?  How are you going to manage to steer the country through the next financial meltdown?  What are you planning to do, at a minimum, to maintain the current standard of living of the populace?  How are you going to sustain the social spending you have promised to so many?

You have gutted the military and used it as a playground for your pet social theories.  What is your game plan in the event this nation is attacked and has to face enemies on multiple fronts throughout a dangerous world?  How are you going to finance this eventuality?  What will be your rules of engagement?

You have given birth to a generation of young college graduates who are afraid of their own shadows, know nothing of the history of their country, and expect as their birthright guaranteed income and a life without adversity.  What are you going to do with these people you defrauded and deluded when reality rears its ugly head?

Under your stewardship the rule of law has been turned on its head.  Rather than apply the law equally to all, those who are politically allied with you are invariably exonerated of any wrongdoing, such as Hillary Clinton or the bureaucrats at the IRS or the EPA.  Do you honestly believe you will ever be able to re-establish respect for the Law particularly those you pass and attempt to enforce?

Under the false banner of civil rights, you are hell-bent on destroying religious and individual freedom.  You are using the courts, which you now control, as a battering ram to eliminate, as a first step, any vestige of Christianity from the public and private square in order to transform the nation into a fully secular state.  Thus, in your addled thinking, a population much easier to control.

You are determined, by stealth means, to eventually eliminate the Second Amendment as means of consolidating your power.  You worship at the altar of federalism, with the active participation of the courts, is rapidly eroding the rights of the states as spelled out in the Constitution.  A document you consider archaic and in need of replacement on your terms.

Little do you realize that you are dealing with a nation and a people with a long history of independence and free enterprise who have been sleepwalking for far too long.  What are you going to do when your disastrous policies collapse, American society is on the verge of disintegration and the American populace finally wakes up and sees the turmoil you have precipitated?  How are you going to control a country of 3.8 million square miles and 325 million people when they turn on you?

In this current election season, as reality has yet to fully come into focus, the American people are being forced to choose between two remaining candidates for President.  Unfortunately, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton, as progeny of the Left, are capable of or willing to understand the tide that is engulfing this nation.  Thus, the Left’s victory is unassailable with an open field ahead of them.

As for this racist, misogynistic, and homophobic old white guy who has been coerced into underwriting the American Left’s fun and games for 50 years, the time has arrived to get off the train and become an interested and active observer either here or from afar.  The one thing the Left will quickly learn is that it is not fun and games being the “man.”

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