Psychodynamics of Obama's and Hillary's 'White Guilt Forever' Conversation

Three principal mental states restrain people from doing evil: fear, shame, and guilt.

Fear and shame are universal, objective, healthy, protective emotional reactions.  They are temporary, and they usually dissipate when the threat of immediate danger or punishment stops.

Guilt is different.  Unlike the fundamentally neurological reaction of fear or the deeper spiritual experience of shame, guilt arises from a guilt-inducing relationship with human authority.  Guilty feelings are the fumes of an uncomfortable tension between a wish to maintain an image of goodness and the perception of a message of failure from a psychologically empowered authority.  Guilt requires a conditioned conscience that needs the approval of the judging authority.  Guilt requires that the judging authority wield psychological power apart from the threat of material or spiritual harm.

Guilt is an important shaper of behavior, but chronic guilt is a debilitating mental illness.  Paradoxically, chronic guilt becomes a form of hardened pride.  The chronically guilty mind becomes attached to guilt as a badge of inherent superiority.  Chronic guilt chains one to a misremembered past and prevents constructive action in the present.

The infliction of chronic guilt is a powerful form of manipulative psychological abuse.  The Democratic Party is an abuser of the American mind by its fixation on the chimeric formula of White Guilt Forever (WGF).

To emphasize the unique guilt of white Americans, President Obama works hard to lessen guilt associated with terrorism, genocide, and any evil committed by other than white Americans.  His refusal to say "Islamic terrorism" is a psychological strategy to shield Islamics from guilt.  In recent trips to Germany and Japan, he did not importune his hosts to heal the legacies of Nazism or Japanese imperialism. The president also seems to enjoy traveling to Saudi Arabia, and he works diligently to prevent any guilt from attaching to the Saudis for 9/11, suppressing information about Saudi involvement in the attack.  (As a little boy he wore a sarong and was taught to bow in the mosque.  This may be why he enjoys bowing before Saudi royals.)  Domestically, he orders the release of convicted felons and tries to force private employers to hire them.

The president wants to remove guilt from historical and current evil doing, with one notable exception: WGF.  So he frequently speaks of the legacy of American slavery.

Conversation is merely the running of mouths.  Participating in a conversation with a liar is an agreement to listen to lies.  The guilt trip against white Americans, the "conversation about race," is indispensable in disseminating WGF.  The recent murder of five Dallas police officers selected for death by a black man simply because they were white immediately prompted a plea from President Obama for more "conversation" about race.  While still in Europe, the president said, "I'd like both sides to listen to each other."  For Obama, there are two sides to murdering policemen if they are guilty of being white.

The president's remarks at the Dallas memorial service were hypnotic inductions of WGF.  The smooth-talking mesmerist-in-chief relaxed his subjects before planting suggestions of race hatred and WGF.  He waxed poetic about redemptive suffering in Christianity before explaining that the police were killed at "a peaceful protest in response to the killing of Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge and Philando Castile of Minnesota" and that "police conduct was the subject of the protest."  His assertion, "There must have been signs or slogans or chants with which they [the police] profoundly disagreed" planted the suggestion that police are anti-black racists – even black policemen.  He demeaned the audience with mendacious statistics about how unfairly black people are treated by police.  He couldn't help himself from implanting these stealthy rationalizations, if not justifications, for killing cops.

Obama's mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, held a press conference on the day of a "conversation" about WGF  at the White House, in which used the term "conversation" nine times.  Conversation about race at the White House is a secretive clam bake for the president's favorite race-baiting retainers, with a few bend-over whipping boys in the mix.  The participants were not disclosed at the press conference.  One member of the pathetic White House press corps pleaded, "Can you say at a minimum if anyone from  Black Lives Matter is going to be in the room to be listened to and heard?"  Earnest: "There will be individuals who I think would describe themselves as part of the Black Lives Matter movement who will be participating in the meeting today. ... Well, again, I think this is the President's desire to bring people into the room that have a variety of perspectives to represent."

Obama cannot be so stupid as to believe that his secret soirée will promote harmony across America. Since that "conversation," at least four more police officers have been murdered.

Reporters asked Earnest why the president had spoken at the service of the slain policemen in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, which were still under investigation.  The press secretary said, "The two men who lost their lives in those two incidents are people that have loved ones too. ... What all of us need to do is open our hearts to understanding the perspective of people who may look different than us, or who may have a different perspective."  Translation: Americans should just stop being white racists.

Obama's love of WGF politics borders on lunacy.  He is surprised when people act humanely, despite race.  Earnest said of the Dallas memorial, "And it wasn't just the white officers who were grieving the loss of their colleagues. There were men and women – black, white, brown, Asian – all in uniform grieving that loss."  He added how surprising that was, "particularly when you consider the legacy of race in Dallas."  Amazing: non-whites grieve when their fellow officers are murdered – even in Dallas! The president found it remarkable that, literally, while responding to the murders of their fellow officers, white officers helped black people.  The mother who lay on top of her son, "only to find a police officer come and do the same thing for her, and to have white police officers come to her rescue, to protect her..."  White police actually helping black people gives Obama hope!

The wellspring of WGF is "the legacy of slavery."  As the Obama administration wears on, the legacy of slavery is getting worse.  To protect Islamism, Obama reminded us, "In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often [were] justified in the name of Christ."  Mr. Earnest repeated: "The president made the point that the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow wasn't completely washed away just by signing of the Civil Rights Act.  So these are going to be challenges that future generations will have to confront."  Though slavery is still practiced in largely non-white, non-Christian countries, it has been seven generations since a half-million white Americans died to make black people free.  Nevertheless, Democrats anticipate future generations of guilty whites confronting the legacy of slavery.

The Democrat convention will be WGF Woodstock.  Hillary Clinton will not let go the manipulative power of the greatest guilt trip ever.  She neither understands nor cares about the tragedy of WGF: it psychologically enslaves the putative evildoers, while excusing black people from dealing with the violence they inflict upon themselves and securing their own lives, freedom, and happiness.