No Laughing Matter: Commit Hillary

Hillary Clinton's campaign propagated a prominent web-based banner that urges voters to "Commit to vote for Hillary."  Remove the middle three words, and they're on to something.

Like the pot calling the kettle black, Hillary is questioning Donald Trump's temperament.  He definitely speaks his mind, sometimes wearing his heart on his sleeve.  Hillary has more to hide and is taciturn, but she does laugh openly and improperly, displaying an irritable temperament.

A cunning, Clintonesque lawyer, Hillary obfuscates to protect her intricate web of deceit.  We can still gain some insights into her diabolical temperament by looking at her peculiar laughing episodes.  It's not easy even for a clever schemer to veil her despicable cogitations, which are manifested in creepy cackles, hysterical outbursts, and ghastly barking. 

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then maybe laughter is the periscope of our submerged subconscious.  More than a simple response to jokes, laughter is almost always an involuntary (try laughing on command) response.  Psychology researcher Robert Provine states that all laughter is unconscious: "[y]ou do not chose to laugh the way you chose to speak."

Laughter reveals uncensored insights into our unconscious, and judging by her impulsive bouts of laughter, Hillary's unconscious is riddled with torment.

At the risk of being reflexively dismissed as sexist, Hillary's laugh is often hysterical.  Take a gander at this incongruous performance during the Benghazi hearings.  Inappropriate laughter and impulsive mood swings from sullenness to hysterics are symptoms of manic depressive psychoses.

Of course, excessive laughter can be a sign of lying, an attempt to avoid answering questions, as this cackling montage demonstrates.  Cacklers are known to rejoice in others' misfortunes.  Even the liberal-propagandizing New York Times points out that Hillary often cackles in response to pressure (of her own making).  No wonder – despite having the vast left-wing conspiracy on her side, her likability is still dreadfully low.

Hillary's malicious laughs also betray her neuroticism.  It's just embedded in her brain, erupting when fissures open in her unconscious like toxic ash from an angry, fractured volcano.  When she is committed for observation, I think the other asylum patients will avoid her like the plague.  Just watch and listen, if you dare, to this shrieking cacophony when she realized that Bernie Sanders was giving her a pass on her "damn emails."

If that's not wicked enough for her confinement, then consider her response when a supporter expressed a warped desire to strangle poor Carly Fiorina.  Rather than demonstrate sagacious temperament and equanimity by acknowledging his frustration while repudiating his methods, Hillary laughed.

One common theme to Hillary's laughter is aggression.  Aggressive humor is marked by sarcasm and ridicule, behaviors Hillary displayed in abundance in the corridors of the White House, as detailed by ex-Secret Service officer Gary J. Byrne in his book Crisis of Character.  But her aggressive humor is uncontrollable and will inevitably spew into the public domain.  Consider when she was asked a pertinent question about whether she wiped her email server; her petulant response was to ridicule the reporter by mimicking wiping with a cloth.

As evil as her laugh is, Hillary has deteriorated into even more primal behavior that reveals the depravity of her temperament.  Rather than respectful or principled disagreement, she considers Republicans her mortal enemy and barks like a dog while condemning them.  Some of her "I'm with her" supporters looked bewildered by this bizarre remonstration.  I'd expect better deportment from most of the patients in an asylum.

In my neighborhood, there's a sign proclaiming "Hillary for Prison."  Indeed, I bet there are many serving time (or at least who have been professionally disqualified) for less than her surreptitious shenanigans.  I also bet she has less sense of propriety than many being treated for mental illness.  Her moral compass is askew, and she exhibits the main traits of psychopathy in abundance: immorality, callousness, remorselessness, and cynicism.

Does Hillary really want to raise the specter of temperament?  Her heinous hilarity represents subconscious subterfuge to conceal her proclivities toward the Dark Triad of personality traits:  Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy.  A masterful manipulator, she is not seeking election to pursue her principles, but changing her principles to seek election. 

Hillary is out for Hillary.  Rather than serve the public, rather than be with you, her slogan is "I'm with her."  Having avoided accountability for raiding the public and Clinton Foundation coffers all these years, she simply disregards laws and has become divorced from social conventions.  As demonstrated by her inexplicable laughter and barking, she's also divorced from reality.  She's gone completely mental. 

Hillary is more temperamentally suited for institutionalization than the White House.  This is no laughing matter: commit Hillary.

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