K-12: Criminal Minds at Work

The date is 1900.  Professor John Dewey and his cadre of "Progressives" launch an ambitious scheme to transform the country.  They want a more collectivist society.  For convenience, let's call their goal European Socialism. However, the United States is hostile to Socialism and Communism for another hundred years.  Beatrice Webb, founder of the Fabian Society in London, decrees that the word "Socialism" shouldn't be used in America.  The recommended euphemism is "Progressivism" and, later on, Liberalism.  Socialism, as that term is generally understood, is what Dewey plans for us, but he can't say it.  He and his gang must dissemble at every turn.  They have to lie and, little by little, work outside the law. Fabian Socialists willingly accept a subversive role.  They operate as saboteurs, like termites eating the foundations of a house.  These secret Socialists...(Read Full Article)