Democrats Will Not Be Asked in Philadelphia to Vote Their Consciences

Here is a safe bet. Nobody at the Democrat party convention will be invited to make a speech wherein they refuse to endorse Hillary Clinton and instead urge the delegates to vote their conscience. For all the controversy and hot air that Ted Cruz’s convention speech has generated, it also demonstrates a fundamental difference between the Democrat and Republican parties, even in the age of Trump. Republicans, Trump included, more so than Democrats, are open to uncomfortable ideas, willing to evaluate evidence, and suspicious of dogma. Democrats on the other hand regard leftist dogmas as inviolate, reject objective evidence that contradicts it, and consider uncomfortable ideas akin to violent physical aggression. Regardless whether Donald Trump cleverly set up Ted Cruz to deliver his non-endorsement speech, the fact that Trump and the Republican Party allowed it at all is commendable, and almost certainly something we will not see next week in Philadelphia. Cruz’s refusal...(Read Full Article)