Democrats’ Lives Matter...Most

Note that in the wake of the Dallas police slaughter, Democrats have been a smidgen less vocal in exploiting the tragedy. Yes, a boob like John Conyers called for gun control. Hillary condescended to whites by proclaiming that white folk need to hear blacks’ “legitimate cries.” The fact is that it’s Democrats who are and long have been… “hearing impaired.” Hillary isn’t about to shame her own party for its historic and current blacksploitation. Introspection has never been in the mix for Democrats.     

As for Dallas, it’s one thing for Democrats to game the race issue and use blacks; it’s quite another when the dots are connected, chillingly. To wit, that Micah Johnson not only shot cops but white ones, and had expressed a desire to kill whites, period.  

A lot of Democrats are white. Larger concentrations of them are in cities, mostly in white-dominant precincts. That’s certainly true for affluent white Democrats. Underclass blacks are concentrated in urban areas, too. Flashpoints for black unrest are in cities, where crime and all sorts of dysfunction fester. Uptown and the hood are in close proximity.

The next Micah Johnson might not be so -- discriminating -- about the whites he kills. They may not be wearing badges. Why, the next angry black guy might find those pricey white enclaves -- conveniently located near hoods in Chicago or New York -- as target-rich environments. Does anyone suppose that another killer will check credentials before shooting whites? You know, “Do you vote Democratic? Do you hear my legitimate cries?”

To better connect the dots, post-Dallas, white Democrats are waking to the realization that Micah Johnson-like Terminators aren’t going to cull Democrats from Republicans before opening fire. The upscale, lilywhite, thirty-something Yale-trained attorney and his wife who bumper-stickered for Bern and think de Blasio is swell are as much targets to be mowed down crossing the street in New York’s Upper West Side as are Knuckle-dragging Republicans. Hate being primal, one dead white is as good as another.

None of this is to suggest that Democrats will cease and desist fueling black underclass resentment. Nor will they quit underwriting the black grievance industry. They’ll simply be less heavy-handed; they’ll rely more on cunning and code.

Democrats can’t afford Americans seeing them as in any way -- even tangentially -- instigating mayhem and mass killings. And, sooner or later, majority whites (let’s add Hispanics and Asians) will connect the dots and tire of being at the wrong end of long guns. Consequences have consequences, and it can all get awfully ugly.

The ugly truth is that Democrats will keep finding ways of stoking black resentment and separateness because they need blacks to vote virtually en bloc. Black dependency on the Party of Government (on government itself) is critical to Democrats’ fortunes. It’s about political power and everything that flows from it. Poor, dysfunctional black communities controlled by major and minor race hustlers, like the notorious Al Sharpton, deliver votes that keep more than a few cities Democratic; control county commission, state legislative, and congressional seats; swing governorships to Democrats; and of overriding importance, push states’ presidential electoral votes into the Democratic column.

Uglier still is that since Andy Jackson, the Democratic Party has enabled black oppression when not outright exploiting blacks. Slavery was the domain of Democrats. A bloody civil war was fought over slavery. The KKK and Jim Crow are registered Democratic. “Progressive” Democrats -- Wilson and FDR, famously -- weren’t about to alienate their white supremacist wing in the name of Negro civil rights. Wilson was a bona fide racist.  

In Stalinist fashion, and with the collusion of the academy and mainstream media, modern Democrats are erasing the party’s history and rewriting it. Proto-Democrat Thomas Jefferson (slaveholder) and the aforementioned Democratic Party founder and slaveholder General Jackson are being winnowed out of Democratic narratives. Down a memory hole go those titans. Wilson is fashioned as a trailblazing progressive. FDR has been “blackwashed” to make him glow. 

The modern Democratic narrative is not only false but flagrantly, perversely so. Oppression of blacks masquerades as compassion. Helping governments -- local, state, and national -- actually hurt underclass blacks. Welfare destroys incentives to work and, starting decades ago, contributed strongly to the breakdown of poor black families and communities. Inner-city schools are sops to teachers’ unions and fail to teach. Abortion mills, often aided and abetted by government largesse, take more black lives annually than a legion of bad cops could.

The states are laboratories for democracy, huh? The cities are definitely laboratories for Democratic policies, manifestly ruinous toward poor blacks (toward the poor inclusively). But nasty realties can’t be permitted to interfere with Democrats’ fortunes. 

The unwillingness of Democrats to acknowledge this failure isn’t a matter of self-delusion -- do-gooders unable to come to grips with their do-goodness bombing. Terrible Democratic policies persist because of cynicism that borders on crosses over into venality. Democrats’ oversight of the compassionate destruction of underclass black communities advances with a gruesome single-mindedness. Ably assisting are the party’s urban black major domos. Too many elected blacks aren’t about liberating their people, but about lining their own pockets.  

What Democrats are inflicting on poor blacks today is another chapter in the ongoing story of their injustice toward blacks. The grossest and saddest twist -- in respects, the most satisfying to Democrats -- is that a militant group like Black Lives Matter calls for revving up the very same statist policies that’s waylaid their people since the 1960s. BLM’s call is something Democrats will gladly heed. Plundering taxpayers and fortifying the state is always a keen play for them. But more “gimmie” isn’t going to solve a single problem facing underclass blacks.

Since LBJ, Democrats’ antipoverty schemes lay in tatters in one after another poor black community. Of course, Democrats don’t want to be exposed as crass political operators.

But for Democrats, failure means not repentance but the need for artfulness. So they strive mightily to divert responsibility for their failed policies and underlying political agenda by blaming white America for poor black America’s troubles. That may stink of Alinsky but blaming another and covering up motives dates back to the Garden of Eden. At least Adam and Eve could claim no precedent to have learned from. What’s Barack’s and Hillary’s excuse?      

Alas, for vile Democrats, truth has its own stubborn life. In this Age of Conceit, Democrats believe they can dominate the dialogue so as to bury the truth of the great injuries they inflict on blacks daily -- inflict for crude temporal gain.

But the truth will win out -- eventually; not easily, of course. Convulsions there will be. But when the shades are finally lifted from blacks’ eyes, woe not unto white America; woe unto self-serving and manipulative Democrats, those historic nemeses of black America. Woe unto them

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