An Iranian Voice Republicans and Democrats Should Heed

Okay, Let’s face it -- the two presidential nominees have effectively been chosen. The Democratic and Republican National Conventions are ahead of us, and the U.S. is on the precipice of a highly contentious several months of campaigning. Discord between the two major parties is always evident in American politics, but almost never more so than in the runup to national elections. It would not be surprising if Washington lawmakers and the vast majority of their constituents all found it very difficult to identify common ground on anything in this political climate. But there are some things that almost all Americans can agree on. There are more situations than you might realize in which Democrats and Republicans want to achieve the same goals, although we struggle to find a shared perspective on working toward them. There is perhaps no better example than the universal imperative to confront the threat of Islamic extremism. There has been well-publicized discord over...(Read Full Article)