Why Even ‘Never Trumpers’ Should Hope He Is Elected

If you are a “Never Trumper” or even a “#NeverTrump,” I believe that you should nevertheless hope that, if nominated, he wins the general election against either potential Democrat party candidate. Sure, Trump is inconsistent in his views. Sure, he is rude. Sure, he is not a conservative. Sure, he seemingly cannot figure out what team he is on, yet again recently blasting a GOP governor.

I would not go as far as to say you should vote for him. I believe that it is up to Trump to make that case. Plus I would not tell someone to vote for a candidate I do not much like and am not sure yet if I will vote for.  But vote for him or not, I think you should hope Trump wins.

This is not a lesser of two evils argument either. I think “Never Trumpers”, and for that matter Democrats offended by the choices we are apparently getting this election, should hope Trump wins the general election, even if they think this is a race between equal evils. Further, I think they should hope Trump wins even if they view that the business-as-usual corruption of Hillary Clinton, while evil, is less dangerous or evil than some of the unpredictable and dangerous policies espoused by Donald Trump.

The first and most important reason for my view is that the entire culture in this country is set up to limit the damage that a President Donald Trump could do. As we have seen with President Obama, the entire culture will stand aside and even help Hillary Clinton do as much damage as she wants.  

The legislative and judicial branches of government will act as a check on a President Trump. As we have seen with President Obama we cannot depend on the legislative and judicial branches to be a check on a Democrat historic first president. This problem likely will remain with a Hillary Clinton presidency. Also the mainstream press, the so-called 4th estate, has shown for at least the last two decades they only act as a restraint with a Republican president. Culturally the intellectual class supported by the press will act as a buffer against and attempt to block almost anything Trump comes up with. On the other hand the intellectual class and the press will reinforce and push any almost anything Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders dream up. Finally, again as recent history has shown us, the bureaucracy of the administrative branch of government the next president will head will leak or do anything it can to restrain a Republican president, but will do anything, including politicizing themselves, even the IRS, to help a Democrat president.

A second reason “Never Trumpers” should hope Trump wins the general election is that a Trump win is what it will take to slay the myth of Trump. A Trump who never runs the government will always in the minds of his hard-core supporters be that perfect president who would have done just what they would have done his entire time in office.  Such fans will be seeking Trump or another Trump in the 2020 election.

Sure, I have run into Trump fanatics on the internet and yes, many seem to think they should copy their hero and try to insult me and others in supporting their candidate. The natural reaction of many, if not most, is to be against Trump just so the rudest of his supporters lose. These are the people who will be seeking Trump or some other similar candidate in 2020 unless they see their hero make the compromises that every elected president makes. They need to see their guy do things they don’t like. They need to see their guy making deals with “RINOs.” They need to seem him going along with Democrats at times. They need to see him cutting deals with foreign potentates.

So even if I don’t vote for Trump, I will hope he wins. If he wins, Trump will likely damage the body politic less than another Clinton presidency because the culture of the nation is set up as a check on him. If he wins, the myth of Trump the perfect president in the minds of his most ardent supporters with be slain by Trump the actual president.

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