The Sinister Politicization of the Malady of Unstable Sex Identification (USI)

There are three kinds of knowledge about human life. Spiritual knowledge seeks to answer the question why do we exist. Scientific knowledge seeks to answer the question how do we exist. Philosophical knowledge addresses the question what is the meaning of our existence. The decline of the United States from a bordered constitutional republic with a Judeo-Christian spiritual foundation to an atheist socialist territory of the new world order is fueled by the systematic replacement of American spiritual, scientific, and philosophical knowledge with anti-God, unscientific, dehumanizing ignorance.

Perhaps nothing coming down the progressive propaganda pike is as regressive, ludicrous and dehumanizing as the “transgender” movement: the politicization of a rare mental malady of unstable sex identification (USI).

Statist socialism in the modern era maintains mental control over people through fallacies about the why, how and what of human life. These fallacies deny the whence and whither of Godful origination and destination; they weaken science; they offer perverted philosophies that destroy individual possibility and responsibility.

American spiritual history can be divided into two eras: classical (the founding until 1973) and post-classical (1973 to the present). The former was characterized by a distinctively American form of Judeo-Christian spiritual knowledge that supported the philosophy that men are created equal, free and responsible for their own happiness. It also supported scientific advancement. The post-classical era, marked by the Roe v. Wade decision, is characterized by a shift from Judeo-Christian privatism to atheist socialism. This shift politicizes and corrupts science.

The totalitarian subjugation of the American people has been dramatic but sly and sinister, effected through the destruction of the spiritual and philosophical foundations of classical American freedom. The pinnacles of American spiritual, scientific and philosophical knowledge scaled in classical America are tumbling into an abyss of faddish ignorance, much of it focused on the problems of sex and sexuality. As faddish ignorance goes, “transgenderism” takes the cake.

It is a spiritual truth and biological fact that humans are created, formed and programmed in every cell to be either male or female. Rare medical disorders can create ambiguity in an individual, but even in those cases there remain but two sexes. People who believe God created man and woman, and try to live as purely as possible within God's accommodation of man-woman marriage, don't need a governmental bully to force their beliefs down throats. They are much more difficult to control than those who are confused or obsessed with “transgender” entitlements.

To create that malleable confusion, the misnomer “gender” has been forced into the American vocabulary, replacing the word sex. Little boxes demark gender rather than sex; sex discrimination is misnamed gender discrimination. The tyrannies of LGBT and academia “gender studies” would have us believe that new genders, like planets, are being discovered all the time.

This sinister campaign mentally enslaves a formerly free people, and the malapropism “transgender” is a leap forward in that campaign. The term itself is senseless, comparable to the concept “transmental.” We have but one mind. The mind can imagine and direct all sorts of experience, but it is impossible to escape or transcend the unitary mind. We are each one of the two sexes. We can imagine what it would be like to be the opposite sex, and even copy its experiences, but we cannot transcend our own sex. The male with USI can take high doses of artificial female hormones, reducing the masculinity of his appearance and superficially simulating female appearance, but he cannot become a woman. With unnatural and possibly carcinogenic pharmacology, he spends his days in front of a mirror dreading signs of his own healthful nature. His shaky identity causes him to cross-dress and adopt cross-sex mannerisms, but he cannot transcend the why, how and what of he was created and born to be. Most tragically, he has managed only to trade one form of loneliness for another. Now the isolation he suffered in USI is replaced by the loneliness in needing others to lie for him, to accept he is a woman, though it is not true.

In post-classical American thought, USI has rightly come to be recognized as a mental challenge, varying in degrees of severity. But tragically, the spiritual aspects of compulsive dissatisfaction with one's own sex are ignored or forgotten, supplanted by political entitlements accorded not only full rights of public expression, but also political impositions. Hence President Obama's recent slimy statement championing the rights of anatomical males to use female bathrooms and locker rooms in public schools. Again, this is political propaganda of underhanded, anti-God socialism. Mr. Obama cares nothing about the distress and discord inevitable if such an unGodly edict were enforced, which of course he would never inflict upon his own daughters. He is interested in crushing the faith, spirit and self-respect of the American people.

There are reasons to hope. Perhaps in this trans-toilet moment, are people finally beginning to say enough is enough? Recently, the American College of Pediatricians released a statement entitled “Gender Ideology Harms Children.” The statement asserts that any form of gender reclassification of children is child abuse.

Sex identification is the earliest, deepest and strongest mental connection in human psychology. USI is a stiff life challenge, but on the list of bad things that can happen in this world, it doesn't make page one. USI, like every other malady, can be handled intelligently or unintelligently. People with USI should not drug or cut themselves. They should live with their God-given forms, honest with themselves, their close ones and their God, not worry about their weaknesses which eventually will fade, and try to be happy.

The most tragic aspect of the sinister politicization of USI is in its waste of the potential for spiritual self-transcendance. The case of the great Olympian Bruce Jenner, USI in late middle age, illustrates the spiritual tragedy of “transgenderism.” Mr. Jenner is a rich, famous celebrity. When he decided the moment was right for him to declare himself a “trans-woman,” the politically correct media fell at his size 18 low-heeled $1,000 pumps. He undeservedly received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award from ESPN, sparking outrage in being chosen over a basketball star who was raising money for cancer research even as she was dying from the disease. Yet Mr. Jenner is not happy. A Kardashian-in-recovery, he leans over linen in posh restaurants, confiding across crystal goblet rims that he can't find love. He can't share in the deepest fulfillment of woman's nature. No kidding. God made us male and female so man can transcend himself in woman and woman in man. That chance comes from God, not from human contrivance. That transcendence requires humility, courage and a tranquil identification as male or female.

God's love is omnipresent and infinite whether Bruce calls himself Cait, Shmait, or Gouda cheese. The impediments are all on our side. “LGBT pride” politics are an otiose hurdle to spiritual freedom. You still have the First Amendment. Use it. Do not speak or write the word “transgender.” Say, “I prefer the term unstable sex identification, or USI.” You can add a quizzical, “Are you USI-phobic?”