The EU is a Dictatorship that Britain Should Leave

There can be no ifs and buts about it – the EU is a Dictatorship. How come? How dare I say such a thing? Answer:  When the Commission headed by Herr Juncker issues a Regulation it has the force of law for all 28 member States immediately. Let me repeat that one word – immediately.

Nobody has the right to question this Regulation – it is incontestable. It simply arrives from the EU and it is Law!  There are no discussions in Parliament, no processes, no debate, absolutely nothing. Once you clearly understand this my friends, and my friends also on the Remain side, I say to you “Think again.”

It is true that both the Lords and the Monarchy are an anachronism, in some ways logically indefensible. So we have a Monarch by whom all laws are promulgated by Royal Assent, but whose Assent is assured. The Monarch actually has almost absolute power, which in practice is never used. The House of Commons is the legislature, where laws are proposed by the majority Party and opposed by the Opposition.  The Executive is formed by the leader of the majority Party, who becomes Prime Minister, but still has to report weekly to the Monarch. (Not everybody knows this.)

The Lords were originally landed gentry who had a natural stake in the Kingdom, and the Bishops, both of whom were reckoned to be above being bought and above Party politics, - precisely because they were not elected. Alas too many Prime Ministers have sought to fill the Lords with their cronies. Nevertheless, in spite of the abuses of power, the Lords has proved to be a wonderful brake upon the Commons, and a means of publicising issues to the general public and modifying laws.

So although some things like the Royal occasions are fundamentally anachronistic yet they have worked. Our Houses of Parliament have worked precisely because they are founded on precedent and history. And this same system with modifications has been copied in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries. They have been copied, albeit with modifications, precisely in order to prevent an abuse of power. The Legislature is always composed of Government and Opposition.

Even though the United States has a written constitution nevertheless if also has two Houses and two well-defined Parties. So there is always an opposition, and the President of the United States may find his wishes thwarted again and again by the opposition in Congress.

Even some grossly mismanaged African states still have a semblance of a democracy, even if the ruler is a de facto Dictator.

But when we come to the EU, it is the very opposite of democratic. It is utterly totalitarian. There is no opposition to the 28 man Commission, which simply issues Directives and Regulations. It flatters the leaders of Nations to have occasional conferences, but that is all smoke and mirrors, signifying absolutely nothing.

It is true that many of our big businesses are sitting pretty in the EU as the munificent EU hands out contracts with funding that it does not have. So they will face an uncertain future, but they will all soon recover. What does Cameron know of business or finance? As Nigel Farage so pertinently points out, neither Cameron nor his Chancellor have ever had a proper job.

All the Remain arguments are venal. The economy might suffer, the £ sterling might go down and so on and so forth. We are to be persuaded that Remain is safer and is best for the country as a whole.  Big business and Richard Branson agree. But the Vote Leave side is founded on principle – the principle that we are or should be a self-governing nation. That is more important than any pounds, shillings and pence. It is not to do with immigration, since the immigration problems are simply a symptom of the fact that we no longer have control.  We are all in favour of helping those who are fleeing from despots and despotic regimes, but that is not the point. It is or should be up to us and our Parliament to decide, not a cabal of 28 in Brussels, who presently make decisions for us and effectively rule this country. Yes, they rule us right now.

The economic dangers of remaining in the EU far outweigh the dangers of Brexit. Mark my words. Should we vote to Remain there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, as our so-called contribution to the EU will skyrocket. Demands will be put upon us that we cannot resist. We will have voluntarily submitted to be a minor part of a totalitarian dictatorship, unlike anything in the rest of the world.

That is why I say to my friends in the Remain camp, some of whom I grant are idealistic and young, don’t be deceived. The EU is a giant spider’s web from which it will be difficult to extricate ourselves, later if ever. 

The Patriots and the Royalists have already decided to Vote Out. The Federalists are voting to Remain. Those who are really undecided and don’t understand the issues would better abstain.

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