Sauce for the Gender

Having an unquenchable thirst for irony and the justice it affords to clay-footed idols who are hoisted from their own petards, I was propelled into full “I told you so” mode last weekend when a boy won honors in two girls’ events at the Alaskan State Track and Field Championships. Indeed, hot on the heels of Barack Obama’s crowning human rights achievement: best characterized as “Tear Down this Stall,” transgender empowerment crashed headlong into feminism’s party bus, leaving the tender aspirations of young women strewn far and wide along the icy Alcan Highway.

From a June 6th Santa Monica Observer online piece, we learned that Nattaphon “Ice” Wangyot, an 18 year-old Thai émigré, placed third and fifth in the 200 and 100 meter dashes, respectively. Apparently Ice, who is a full-blown “xy” with masculine working parts, suffers from the heartbreak of “gender dysphoria:” an ailment that allows him to run faster than females, but not as quickly as males. To accommodate his predicament, Haines HS, and the school district it serves, allowed him to first play on the girls’ volleyball team before allowing him to individually make his mark as our nation’s first openly transgender HS athlete to compete as another “sex.” As Ice is a senior and is by no means a barn-burning speed demon, he has a limited future -- even as a perceived woman. To be brutally honest, Wangyot’s times would not raise an eyebrow even in a common dual meet at most Southern California high schools. But we miss the point if we focus on Wangyot’s performances and dreams at the expense of the bigger picture.

Biological males, even those who undergo hormone therapy, have a decided advantage over females, all things being equal -- which they are surely not. Anatomically, males tend to be more robust and possess a musculature that is enhanced by natural testosterone. Yet, far more interesting are the twin concerns of compassion and fairness that butt heads here, and since it is becoming politically and culturally dangerous to maintain what every school boy and girl knows, justice irrecoverably suffers as subjectivity trumps adamantine fact. In truth, the transgender sham, rather than remediating nature’s “perceived” cruelty, has revictimized a group that few would have ever expected: women of the “xx” vintage.

In bushwacking what were once thought to be the unbending provinces of Male and Female, a growing chorus of advocates warring against a “binary nature” have effectively unleashed the Kraken upon little girls. If it were a movie, such an assault might be titled The Revenge on Title IX. Females who had worked hard for the inclusion of their own sports programs (as a matter of equity for attaining both satisfaction and scholarships) now see it all about to burn down as a sub-class of less talented males -- perhaps cynically lacking the abilities to compete as males or wrestling with their own personal demons of alienation -- may now take their places on the first string squads. If transgenderism as a protected class gains ascendancy over Title IX, and there is nothing I have seen that points otherwise, then there is no reason to believe that the death of female sports as we know it is not on the near horizon. 

But in all honesty, this is the endgame the Left in America has sought since the virtue of Equality was reduced to an insane abstraction: ruling all the others like a 250-pound schoolyard tyrant. Having long decried the horror of “binaries” as retrograde cultural constructs that have imprisoned the full flowering of personality, the Academy’s grievance radicals, who first assailed society and now nature, would like nothing better than to utterly erase any perceptual distinction between man and woman. You can see it in the ridiculous lawsuits that have arisen. Bewitched by morally skewed legislation, institutions and individuals are now to be dinged for uttering the incorrect descriptive pronoun. Today, nothing succeeds like taking offense, as the criminalization of language seeks to shape both the actions and very thoughts of the propagandized masses. The entire delusion will eventually lead us to the slaughterhouse doors where we are all an amorphous “one flesh.” Even the binary of Good and Evil will pass through the fire. Fortunately, in the long term this jihad will come to naught, since it is beyond the capacity or the pay grade of even educated fools to invalidate what cannot be broken by human art.

Where this will end, if at all in the near run, is anybody’s guess. It is likely that women will rise up and put an end to what amounts to a quasi-male assault on their bitterly-won turf. However, the more jarring result may be a new transvaluation of sports altogether -- where athletic competition will be diluted and dumbed down just like everything and every institution that the unhinged vanguard of the chaotic Left touches in the pursuit of its Utopian City. The final judgment is yet to achieve utterance, but be of good cheer: The beast invariably devours its own.

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