Muhammad and Terror

What is the difference between a Muslim who applies henna to his beard and a Muslim who beheads someone for rejecting Islam?

Answer: There is no difference.  Both are following the example of the behavior of Muhammad -- his sunna.

This is an important word, because it is where the Sunnis take their name.  The Sunnis, who make up 90 percent of all Muslims, are the followers of the ways of Muhammad, his behavior in all areas of his life.  The Shias also follow the ways of Muhammad, as do Muslims from every minor sect.

The imitation of Muhammad could be as innocuous as wearing a full beard and applying orange coloration by dyeing it with henna, or stepping into a mosque with the right foot, but stepping out of it on the left foot.  It is recorded that Muhammad did such things.  Because Muhammad did it, imitating him is a way of racking up points with Allah.  

Muhammad’s sunna including dyeing his beard with henna so that it appeared orange. Many fundamentalist Muslims will dye their beards because that’s what Muhammad did.

Thus is also considered praiseworthy to eat with two fingers and lick them three times after a meal, and triply praiseworthy to lick three fingers three times.  And much more.  An entire book held in great esteem by Muslims is the Shamail by Tirmizi, which gives an account of Muhammad’s mannerisms, habits, and physical characteristics.  Osama bin Laden was known to model his mannerisms and habits by imitating what is found about Muhammad in the Shamail.

Muhammad also gave the example of horrific barbarity. His biography is a chronicle of assassinations, mass murder, genocide, plunder, and the enslavement of men, women, and children -- all against people who refused to accept him as “the last and final prophet,” as he claimed about himself.  Osama bin Laden followed Muhammad’s example of mass murder, and it cost 3,000 people their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

Muhammad beheaded people who rejected him, making it part of his sunna. Because he chopped off heads, Muslims today chop of heads of people who reject Islam

If Muslims were to limit their imitation of Muhammad to brushing their teeth the way he did, Islam might have a legitimate place in the non-Muslim world.  But Muslims cannot pick and choose.  Once they believe that he was the “Messenger of God” -- the affirmation of faith contained in the shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith -- they are declaring their faith that everything he did was good because it was in furtherance of God’s cause -- including his violence against people who rejected him

Muhammad’s body was reduced to dust nearly 14 centuries ago, but his spirit lives on in his Koran, which contains numerous incitements to violence against people who rejected him, and in the example of his behavior -- his sunna.   Every time suicide bombers blow themselves up, killing other people along with them, there is Muhammad.  When the 9/11 hijackers slammed their passenger airplanes into buildings, there was Muhammad in the cockpit with them.  Just today, as 50 people fell to the machine gun bullets of a Muslim who walked into a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and opened fire, the spirit of Muhammad hovered in the background, nodding with approval.

The saying, “Know your enemy,” is attributed to Sun Tzu, the 6th century BC Chinese military strategist and author of The Art of War.  If you don’t understand your enemy, but your enemy understands you, you lose.  Islam understands the West, but the West does not understand Islam.  The proof is that the West allows not just immigration from Muslim countries, but massive immigration of people who are committed to bringing about a world dominated by Islam.  That is what Islam aspires to do because that is what Muhammad commanded it to do and showed how to do it by his example, his sunna.

Sun Tzu also said that all warfare is based on deception.  Muhammad knew this and said the same to his followers.  This is the practice as Islam spreads in the West: Show a friendly smile, insist that Islam is a religion of peace, but lay the groundwork to take over.

In the West some feeble efforts have begun to deal with Islam, such as banning the wearing of burkas and hijabs in public.  These measures would be laughable if they weren’t such chilling evidence of ignorance about Islam.

The only way to save your family, your country, and your civilization from Islam is to get rid of it, but most people still have a long way to go before understanding that this must be done.  It took Europe centuries of suffering Muslim predation before it finally organized crusades against Islam, ultimately pushing it back and containing it.  Today, the non-Muslim world does not have the luxury of waiting centuries to defend itself.

It is important to consider the concept of critical mass in the formation of political will to take action.  Without a critical mass of citizens who understand that Islam is their implacable enemy, and that it is implacable because it is founded on the behavior of Muhammad, his sunna, meaningful action will never be taken against it.  At best, the wearing of hijabs in public will be forbidden.  Critical mass can be achieved when those who have taken the trouble to understand that Islam is all about Muhammad teach what they know to others, and thus the knowledge spreads, and if this process is pursued aggressively, critical mass will eventually be achieved.  The political will to take meaningful action will be there.

The burden for this is on the shoulders of those who have already become enlightened.  In its perverse way, Islam is a helpmate in this, for every mass murder event such as the one in Florida encourages more people to understand what is behind it.  Be there with the answers.

This process of education would accelerate if enlightened people who also happen to possess financial resources step into producer shoes and develop movies depicting Muhammad -- films that show this “Messenger of God” committing the atrocities that are attributed to him in Islam’s own literature.

Teach the grotesque truth about Muhammad, do so aggressively, and you will save your country and preserve your civilization.

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