Liberals Enable Sexual Predators to Hunt Women

A recent Daily Signal article explained why a CNN poll about letting men use women's restrooms was flawed: the reality is, most people oppose letting men use women's restrooms.  While it's an excellent article, it implicitly buys into the liberal framing of the whole issue. 

While "transgender" men who are attracted to women – as Bruce Jenner is – are a valid concern, the biggest problem with this liberal policy is that it allows any registered sex offender to use the women's bathroom with impunity.

The vast majority of the opposition to "gender-neutral" restrooms is based on the fact that liberals believe that since gender is fluid, a man could consider himself a woman any time he wanted to molest women.  Liberals don't require a man who uses a women's restroom to have a doctor's note; his word that at that moment he's feeling like a woman is enough.

That means that if the cops manage to catch a man who is a registered sex offender in the women's restroom, they will not be able to arrest him unless he has actually molested a woman.  All the pervert has to do is say he considers himself a women, and liberals will give him full license to hunt women in women-only facilities.

Liberals act as though sex offenders would never do such a thing, but counting on the moral values of people convicted of molesting women seems to be an anti-feminist position.

The reality is that in addition to the teenage boys and young college men who will take advantage of this liberal policy without actually intending to attack women, sexual predators will not be constrained by their moral compass from declaring themselves women in order to be able to better stalk their prey.  There are plenty of cases already where male sexual predators have pretended to be women in order to access women's restrooms.

Liberals are winning support for their position by framing it as being compassionate toward those few people who think they aren't the right gender.It's easy to see the liberal bias in the wording of the CNN question:

Overall, would you say you favor or oppose laws that require transgender individuals to use facilities that correspond to their gender at birth rather than their gender identity? Do you [favor/oppose] that strongly or somewhat?

Note that the CNN question is inherently dishonest, because while it speaks of the "transgendered," the laws actually allow any man to call himself a woman without any diagnosis supporting his declaration.

That question produced an apparent majority support for the new laws.

Doubting the accuracy of the CNN poll, The Daily Signal ran its own poll, dramatically improving the wording of the question:

Overall would you say you favor or oppose laws that give people who are biologically male, but self-identify as female, full access to bathrooms, lockers, and showers set aside for women or girls?

But a more accurate question would be:

Overall, would you say you favor or oppose laws that give people who are male, but say they think they're women – including those men who have not been diagnosed as being transgendered – full access to bathrooms, lockers, and showers set aside for women or girls?

Once people realize that the law does not in fact deal only with people who have been diagnosed by a professional, but rather that it allows any man at any time simply to declare his newfound femininity, support would probably drop dramatically.

After all, it's hard to imagine that even die-hard liberals would say it's okay for male sex offenders to loiter in women's restrooms.

By simply ignoring the consequences of letting any male define himself as a woman at any time, liberals have tried to frame the issue as one of rights for the "transgendered" rather than rights for women.

However, even if we ignore the sexual predators, the reality is that like most liberal positions, even allowing diagnosed "transgender" people into the wrong bathroom is the imposition of the will of a tiny minority on the vast majority.  In order to pander to the "transgendered," liberals are quite willing to make all women, 50.7% of the population, get used to seeing male genitalia in women's bathrooms.

The ACLU lost a black rising star recently when her daughters were frightened by men pretending to be women showing up in the women's restroom.  She resigned from the ACLU because the ACLU strongly supported the right of predators and the "transgendered" to trample on the rights of women.  Given that at least some "transgender" men, such as Bruce Jenner, are still attracted to women, can anyone blame girls and women for not wanting men in their restrooms?

While liberals claim that they support this massively discriminatory law based on concern for the "transgendered," the reality is that if they truly cared about people who are confused about their gender, liberals wouldn't be enabling "transgender" people's delusions.

Given that transgenderism goes against basic science, it's obvious that a truly loving response to someone who says he is, a different gender from that defined by his DNA is to help him love who he is, not to tell him he must radically change in order to be happy with himself.

But liberals need to support the "transgendered" because liberals believe they can fundamentally remake their own nature and that neither science nor reason can stand in their way.

Additionally, liberals are using the "transgendered" as a battering ram to attack Christianity – the only force in society that stands against the dehumanizing liberal agenda.

Make sure your friends realize that liberals are perfectly comfortable with letting sexual predators into women's restrooms so long as it advances the liberal agenda and helps undermine traditional American moral values.

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