How Trump's Border Wall Will Rescue Illegal Immigrants from Democrat Exploitation

Trump’s proposal to build a big wall on the southern border of the U.S. has been called an exercise of xenophobia and racism. Trump asserts that many of the illegal immigrants are criminals, and the U.S. should act to save the country from them. But what many refuse to recognize, what is never discussed, is how illegal immigration exploits the immigrants themselves. The abuses suffered by illegal immigrants caused by the lack of an effective wall have not been humanely discussed. The plain truth is that illegal immigrants are forced to commit crimes in order to cross the border illegally. The first time someone is caught crossing the U.S. border without going through legal immigration procedures they are guilty of a Federal misdemeanor. The second time they are caught their act is a Federal felony. Because of the cheerleading of illegal immigration done by Democrats and the media, Hispanics are now in Federal prisons in much greater proportion than their population...(Read Full Article)