How Trump's Border Wall Will Rescue Illegal Immigrants from Democrat Exploitation

Trump’s proposal to build a big wall on the southern border of the U.S. has been called an exercise of xenophobia and racism.

Trump asserts that many of the illegal immigrants are criminals, and the U.S. should act to save the country from them. But what many refuse to recognize, what is never discussed, is how illegal immigration exploits the immigrants themselves.

The abuses suffered by illegal immigrants caused by the lack of an effective wall have not been humanely discussed. The plain truth is that illegal immigrants are forced to commit crimes in order to cross the border illegally.

The first time someone is caught crossing the U.S. border without going through legal immigration procedures they are guilty of a Federal misdemeanor. The second time they are caught their act is a Federal felony. Because of the cheerleading of illegal immigration done by Democrats and the media, Hispanics are now in Federal prisons in much greater proportion than their population number would suggest. While Hispanics make up only 13% of the U.S. population they are 40% of the Federal prison population.

The majority of those in Federal prison have committed Federal crimes that are a direct result of illegal immigration. These include drug smuggling and illegal entry. The Mexican drug cartel forces young men and women to carry drugs over the border in exchange for receiving assistance in their border crossing.

It is interesting to consider that the explanation of why blacks are in Federal prison is always that they are exploited by U.S. society and are victims of oppression. But no one states that illegal immigrants are oppressed, that their incarceration is a direct result of racism, even though one may argue that characterizing illegal immigrants as an uneducated, unskilled minority that comes to the U.S. to do low paid jobs no one else will is racist. But it is. Blacks were also brought to the U.S. to work plantations doing low paid work nobody else would do.

If Trump were to build a wall and completely stop illegal immigration, the effect would be that the arrest and incarceration of illegal immigrants for committing Federal crimes while crossing would stop. Americans can decide for themselves if this is a good or bad thing. Furthermore, according to the Pew Research Center's report "Between Two Worlds", Hispanics in the U.S. are now dropping out of high school at twice the rate of blacks. And this is going on throughout the nation. Critics of Trump's wall would need to explain how channeling another minority into a life of poverty is good policy.

Hispanic teenage girls are now becoming single mothers at a higher rate than black teenagers. Single motherhood is the major cause of poverty and crime. How Trump’s wall can be criticized for stopping poverty and crime is also difficult to understand.

Those who criticize Trump for wanting to build a wall never discuss the exploitation of illegal immigrants by drug cartels, do not discuss the incarceration of Hispanics and their presence in Federal prisons, or the high dropout rate of Hispanic high school students. One can only wonder why these signs of oppression, which have been used for decades to prove that blacks are exploited by white society, are not used as proof that Mexicans are exploited.

The political fact is, Democrats established all the sanctuary cities. These acts are violations of the 1996 Immigration Act, so it is fair to argue that Democrats are responsible for the high dropout rate of Hispanics, the high single motherhood rate, and the high rate of Federal incarceration of Hispanics. But somehow if Donald Trump makes an effort to stop this he is called a racist.

Democrats are the only political party that benefits from illegal immigration. They segregated Hispanics into communities in big cities where they can serve the party by filling classrooms for the Democrat-supporting teacher unions, and vote for Democrats in elections.

The resistance to Trump's wall only proves that Democrats resort to name calling, ridicule, and intimidation whenever someone threatens their scheme to maintain political power. Hillary Clinton, who is currently the likely opponent of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, is happy to benefit from Hispanic votes, and counts on them, along with black votes, to put her into the White House.

That Hillary can feel confident of the electoral support gained from minorities is a very sad commentary on the Democratic Party and the tactics it has used to stay in power. All the big city black ghettoes have been created by Democrats and have Democrats as representatives in Congress. Their plan to continue this scheme with Hispanics has, unfortunately, been very successful.

Voters can decide for themselves whose actions have the desirable results: Donald Trump, whose wall will reduce the exploitation of Hispanics, or Hillary Clinton, whose party will continue to build up the Hispanic population as their second impoverished voter minority.

Trump’s wall will also stop the destruction of desert habitats in the Southwest. Right now these pristine desert preserves, which have never been developed, are being trampled on by illegal immigration perpetrated by Democrats, who claim credit to having started the environmental movement. This environmental issue is never discussed.

The greatest criticism of Trump's comments on the wall is that he labels all Mexicans as criminals. Trump does overstate the issue. But the facts that Hispanics are being segregated by liberals into barrios, single motherhood is on the rise, and Hispanics are being incarcerated in Federal prisons, is not an overstatement.

The one truth in this discussion is that seasonal, unskilled labor is needed by agriculture in many states. However, this need was legally addressed by the Bracero guest worker program, a program stopped by LBJ so the illegal immigration strategy could be pursued.

Anyone who is offended by Trump’s strong, disrespectful language should also consider the strongly offensive words spoken by the Black Lives Matter movement, Reverend Wright, and the anti-Trump protesters who burn American flags and use abusive language.

Trump's wall will liberate Hispanics from exploitation, Democrats’ words support the exploitation.

Voters should ask themselves if, in 1750, it was possible to build a wall to stop the importation of slaves from Africa, if that would have been the moral choice to make, given the history of the exploitation of blacks. We have that choice now.

Given the history Democrats have in the U.S. of creating segregated minority communities and limiting their participation in the economy, a truly liberal, humanely-minded person may want to reconsider the value of Trump's wall, and reconsider who the party of racists is; the Democrats who exploit illegal immigrants or Donald Trump's Republicans, who freed the slaves and now want to control the abuse of Hispanics by the open border.

Trump's wall will save tens of thousands of innocent Hispanics from rape, murder, and Federal prison. Hillary could speak of a guest worker program but she won't do that. Her party doesn't want that. Her party wants voters and residents. It's another shameful chapter in the history of the exploitation of minorities by Democrats. 

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