Heart of Darkness: the Evil at the Core of Modern Liberalism

This week the abominable evil at the heart of liberalism has been revealed once again.

The Supreme Court has ruled that a woman’s health is less important than ensuring that she can be used as a sex object.

What matters is not a woman’s right to choose but her ability to be used. The Court has said that access to unsafe abortions is more important than ensuring that a women’s life is not at risk when having an abortion.

The Supreme Court also ruled that Muslims must serve pork in their restaurants. Oh wait, no -- the Supreme Court would never issue that ruling, but the Court did rule that pharmacists whose deeply held religious beliefs tell them that abortion is murder must actively cooperate with the murder of unborn blacks -- black women are 5 times more likely to abort their child than white women, a disparate impact that never seems to bother liberals.

That’s on par with saying that Jews must serve as guards at Nazi concentration camps.

In the old days, the 90s, liberals used to say that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare” but today liberals view abortion as a positive good; a veritable sacrament based on the murder of a child.

It’s settled science, far more settled than so called climate change, that human life begins at conception. That’s why when polled only 12% of Americans believe that abortion should be allowed for any reason at any time in a pregnancy.

That makes sense given that the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a spinoff of Planned Parenthood, tells us that 1% of abortions are due to rape or incest and 3% are due to possible maternal health problems which means that 96% of abortions are not the hard cases that are used to sell abortion.

The devolution of the liberal moral case can be seen in how Hillary Clinton has gone from wanting abortion to be “safe, legal and rare, and by rare, I mean rare.” to saying “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” when endorsing abortion at any point in a pregnancy for any reason -- including sex selection abortions which target unborn women.

Liberals today even support abortions of unborn babies at 20+ weeks gestation who could survive outside the womb; i.e. babies that are not dependent on their mothers.

By saying that abortionists need not have admitting privileges at a hospital, a significant thing if complications develop which they often do, and that abortion mills need not meet the same standards as other surgical facilities the Supreme Court is putting the back alley back into abortion.

Instead of asking what sort of doctors can’t get admitting rights at a hospital, or why abortion clinics don’t want to provide a safe environment for their customers, the Court decided that all that mattered is that as many abortion mills as possible should be open.

In todays ultra-litigious society, every medical care provider is constantly working to ensure that there is no basis for anyone to complain about their treatment; all except abortion mills, where profit is king and the customer is simply a source of cash.

Now when their patients die because of poor facilities or incompetent medical staff abortion mills can say that the Supreme Court said it was okay.

The assault on pharmacists in Washington is even more egregious than the Supreme Court’s disregard for the health of women however.

While women are often coerced by the men who use them to have abortions it is still illegal in the U.S., unlike China, to force a woman to have an abortion if she doesn’t want one -- though liberals are pushing to change that in surrogacy cases.

The Supreme Courts refusal to review the Washington law that forces pharmacists to provide abortion-inducing poisons to women is saying that citizens can be forced, in direct violation of their First Amendment rights, to participate in the killing of innocent human beings.

The new liberal perspective, seen in abortion and gay marriage cases, is that if you offer a public service you must do whatever the public wants. But of course that’s not what liberals believe. Gay bakers who refused to make a cake with the text “We do not support gay marriage.” were defended by liberals, for example.

Previously pharmacists with religious objections to abortions would simply tell a woman who wanted to murder her unborn daughter the name of a nearby pharmacy which had no qualms about participating in what Jesse Jackson called “genocide” against black people.

But that’s not good enough for liberals whose objective is to force all to worship at the altar of abortion. Never mind that abortifacient chemicals are never medically necessary, unlike antibiotics.

The simple reality is that the Court’s rulings on abortion this week reveal the raw fascism at the core of modern liberalism.

The Court will stop at nothing to remove the First Amendment religious rights of any person in the public square -- while constantly defending pornographers and libeling liberal journalist’s First Amendment “rights”.

Moving on from simply excluding religion from government spaces, the Court is now officially ghettoizing the First Amendment to private settings and thereby turning the Constitution on its head.

Justice Thomas hits the nail on the head when he wrote in his dissent:

As the Court applies whatever standard it likes to any given case, nothing but empty words separates our constitutional decisions from judicial fiat.

Liberals are no longer simply good people who have a different idea on how to deal with poverty. Now they are quite literally waging a war on women by supporting abortion at any time for any reason, including sex selection abortions, irrespective of the risks to the mother’s health.

These new fascists are hell-bent on denying Americans their Constitutional right to exercise their faith.

As such, we are not dealing with the usual political struggles expected in any Democracy. Rather we’re facing an existential threat brought on by the new brownshirts who demand that rights are from them and only apply to those who support the liberal cause.

If liberals win we will live in an fascist police state where whoever is in power can enforce draconian punishments on anyone who does not share their ideology or theology.

It’s time to stop treating liberals as the “loyal opposition” and start publicly decrying them as the anti-American fascists they really are.

Just as we won’t win the war against Islamic extremism if we refuse to call it by name we won’t win the war to preserve our freedom if we act as though modern liberals actually believe in our Constitution.

Use your voice to condemn the radical anti-American positions of modern liberals so that more and more Americans will see that allowing liberals to get their way will end with America becoming a tyranny.

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