Good riddance to George Will

I like and respect George Will, and over the years I've been one of his fans. With the rise of Donald Trump, Will has decided to resign from the GOP, along with Mitt Romney and the other folks we might call "decorative conservatives" -- the people who look good on the outside, but who have none of the fire in the belly that marked Teddy Roosevelt or Lincoln -- not to mention the Founders, who were pretty robust and argumentative.

I believe Mr. Will has a genuine distaste for what may become Trump Conservatism.  Trump represents a kind of happy warrior style of American politician, similar to Harry Truman and Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt. It's obviously too low-class for Will, Romney and Jeb Bush, who are all too delicate for the political blood sport that the Left has imposed on our politics. Nothing is too low for the Left. Literally nothing. 

The national GOP has been in decline for years, running decrepit candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney -- who actually did flinch in the last debate with Obama, as Trump points out. Candidates like Dole and McCain were picked for their seniority, which is what made them weak and doddering candidates. 

On the other side, the hard Left is back in charge of the Democrats, and they are killers. Their purpose is to destroy their opponents. In response, the GOP has run certain losers. 

But then we see the killer thugs of the Washington Post and New York Times hiring a decorative conservative like George Will for "balance." Balance, my foot. George Will is protective coloration for the WaPo's inner mafia. The WaPo doesn't play by any rules except its own. You may not see the glint of the daggers they all carry into the fight, but come election time, every honest conservative gets the shaft. 

This is going to be a nasty, vicious election, and winners have to give as good as they get. I'm sorry. Reality. 

The WaPo has carried off the complete myth of Watergate to destroy a Republican President who was no worse than LBJ or Robert Kennedy, or Carter, Clinton and Obama. American journalism is now based on a deliberate lie, the false mythology of Watergate -- actually a power struggle between the Permanent Government in DC and an elected President, Richard Nixon. Watergate's Deep Throat (Mark Felt, the Assistant Director of the FBI) plotted with the Washington Post to destroy Richard Nixon. That's all there was to it. Everything else is lies. 

Nixon was destroyed because he was an anti-Communist, and today, the Democrats have racialized Communism just like Dixiecrat Huey Long did long ago. They have placed one of their own in the White House, and the policy results are disastrous. People are dying in Syria and Libya because Barack Obama is still steeped in the phony socialism of Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya. But Kenyatta was too practical to be a Marxist in an underdeveloped country like Kenya. Obama Sr., Barack's father he never knew, preached radicalism and world revolution, so Kenyatta threw him out.  Barack Obama is therefore playing out a childhood drama in his mind, a drama that lost any practical relevance half a century ago. 

It's strange how the Left always repeats the past, time after time after time, all in the cause of "Progressivism."

Now George Will knows all that. If he is as smart as he seems, he understands perfectly well that Obama is a total fraud who has been immensely harmful to the United States and the world. George Will understands the merry ride of Bonny and Clyde Clinton, who introduced lethal transnational corruption into the capital, which is now riven with Muslim Brotherhood money and a morally compromised establishment. George Will knows all that, but when a clean broom like Trump comes along Mr. Will can't tolerate it. 

It's not Trump's substance that bothers Mr. Will. It's his lowbrow style. (But Trump's everyday style is his ace in the hole -- it shocks the establishments, and draws the media to Donald Trump like flies to horse droppings. The media can't stay away. He holds 'em by the nose and kicks 'em in the rear.)

Anglo-American conservatism has never been a single thing. That was the whole point about conservatism, beginning with the British Glorious Revolution of 1699, which helped to define English rights and liberties against a power-grabbing royal house. 

This is the drama we just saw play out again in Europe when the Brits revolted against the absurd new Juncker Class, trying to exert Franco-German power over Britain. That Sovietized political machine is not going to give up its drive to dictate the size of cherry tomatoes in Scotland: That is its only mission in life. Without those forty thousand regulations from Brussels, the Euro Soviets would have no function at all. 

        They are parasites. They do not produce anything useful, anymore than the Soviet Apparat did before the crumbling of the State. Vladimir Putin just pointed out the eerie similarities between the end of Soviet dominance and the end of the EU. That similarity is not an accident. It represents the eternal fight between self-serving power freaks and ordinary people trying to live their lives. 

Ordinary Europe has wandered into the ancient trap of deceptive political con artists talking people into giving up their rights and powers. Obama has tried to do the same thing to us. 

But Mr. Will and his fellow pundits can't see the obvious. 

The Clinton-Obama years have turned DC politics into piracy, but for the first time in years there is a convincing alternative. Nobody knows whether Trump will justify those glowing embers of hope, or whether he will turn out to be a big disappointed. Nobody knows. But Trump looks like the real thing. 

Well, Will, Romney and Paul Ryan can't stand it. Trump drives them nuts, and you can see it on their faces. Their hollowness has been exposed, which is already a win as far as I'm concerned. The convenient back-scratching game between the GOP-e and Marxist-e has been exposed, and no sane American will ever believe them again. They are the enemy. 

       Mr. Will's outraged decision to walk out helps to clarify the real drama going in DC. Trump has been winning by telling truths that have been lied about for far too long. Trump talks the truth about Jihad while Hillary just sells out her country. Trump is already undermining the Left's narrative, and the chattering classes are only chattering. 

      Obama's sly effort to sexualize the military -- and school children's bathrooms -- are not going to survive if Trump takes over. Obama's betrayal of our moral values to ISIS and Saudi Arabia will not last, if Trump takes over. There is a good chance for our judiciary to correct its shameful abandonment of principle if Trump wins. Apparently Mr. Will cannot see that. 

Trump isn't perfect, and Americans will keep a wary eye on anybody in power. But it's hard to see any worse than Carter-Clinton-Obama. Somehow the GOP establishment has become inured to the stench of corruption and self-dealing that we are seeing in the capital today. I believe it is much worse than we can even imagine. 

We need a good purge, and I'm not choosy about the label on the box. 

Let the exodus begin.