A Mantra from Fauxcahontas

I recently stumbled upon Mark Levin lambasting Elizabeth Warren on the radio for her latest comment and tweet that “the Senate GOP have decided to sell weapons to ISIS” after four gun control measures were rejected by the deliberative branch of Congress.

Levin is no dummy, but all he did was repeat that she is an idiot. While Warren is a rabid progressive for whom few of us have affection, her comment is not a product of her idiocy. It’s actually quite brilliant. It’s time we understood what the Democrats do and say rather than brushing it all off as stupidity.

The simple mantra that Warren (and Rep. Chris Murphy) set in gear, will travel far and wide in the flash of an eye. It is masterful propaganda. In ten words, it turns reality on its head. Goebbels would be proud.

Oh, I know some of you are cringing, but if Warren can make the ludicrous and deplorable suggestion that Republicans facilitated the murder of fellow Americans in the Orlando attack, then why can’t we make the comparison between Warren’s propaganda and that of Goebbels, Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda? After all, he created the myths characterizing Jews as devious criminals responsible for raping and murdering Aryans. Isn’t she doing the same?

Warren’s taunt positions the GOP as the evildoer. It establishes the GOP as the collaborator with the enemy and the DNC as America’s champions. Weapons -- which everyone knows were the instruments of hate used by an ISIS-sympathizing terrorist to murder -- suddenly morph into instruments used by the GOP to assist their ISIS pals. All this, while deflecting attention away from (a) the Democrats’ unwillingness to protect the Homeland; (b) their failed policies dealing with the conflagration in the Middle East, the rise of ISIS, and the fall of Iraq, Syria, and Libya; and (c) their insistence and assistance in establishing Iran as the regional hegemon. Instead of highlighting Mateen as the product of a hateful religious ideology and Obama’s reluctance to address this threat or enthusiasm to protect it, he is now a product of the GOP and their guns -- never mind the inconsistency that the GOP supposedly hates Muslims but loves them just enough to arm them with the very same guns they will use to kill us.

One wonders how the president can honestly say Islam is a religion of peace and “no religion condones the killing of innocents” (including Islam), when the Koran clearly states if you see a Jew behind a tree, you must kill him! Ah, perhaps, because the Jew is no innocent. Neither is the Christian, the infidel, the apostate, or the homosexual. No one in the land of the Great Satan is an innocent -- unless he is a practicing Muslim. Republicans understand this mindset. Democrats willfully choose to ignore it to further their agenda -- in this case, a cleverly manufactured, ten-word jab that nurtures their fanatical commitment to eliminate guns and obliterate the 2nd Amendment.

What has our response to this comment been? Crickets. We haven’t punched back with our own retort let alone called out Warren and Murphy for accusing Republicans of fomenting the violence -- a base attack on our integrity if ever there was one. Are we going to just stand there while they accuse us of pulling the trigger in a gay night club? Where is the ire? The indignation? And, contrast our silence with the quick offense taken by Democrats when Trump referred to Warren as “Pocahontas.” I think being called a murderer of our own people versus a highly regarded Indian princess merits a harsh response.

Yet, none is forthcoming.

I sound like a broken record when I repeat when it comes to messaging, propaganda, and communications, the Democrats excel, leaving the Republicans in the dust -- but it’s true. The Republicans tend to react and once they do, it is usually tepid and ineffectual. Most of the time, however, they turn the other cheek and allow these comments to fester unchecked in the American consciousness. In little time, these lies become truths and history is rewritten. Do a man-on-the-street interview and I have little doubt when asked “Who is to blame for the massacre in Orlando” the response will be “The Republicans, who gave Mateen the guns.”

In a world of instantaneous communication, once the Democrat machine sets its propaganda into motion, it’s already too late to respond. However, if done shrewdly, even a belated response with the right language could be effective.

It would be better, however, if Republicans took pre-emptive action. We can easily anticipate liberal reactions to almost any issue or event and pre-empt what they will say with our own propaganda -- the difference being, ours will be honest and truthful.  We know, if given the opportunity, they will contort things (like the gun issue with ISIS) to promote the perception that Republicans are bible-swinging, gun-slinging, gay-bashing, women-manipulating, money-grubbing, immigrant-hating, xenophobic dinosaurs.

In a war by any other means, we would have these barbs prepared in advance with the agility to adapt to any last minute surprises and, thus, we would set the narrative by swarming the media with our message before the Democrats got a chance -- staying on on offense rather than defense. Yet, we do not.

To win the language wars, Republicans have to rouse themselves out of this very treacherous, somnambulant state and fight fire with fire. They cannot wish these comments away but must employ comparable tactics when communicating with voters who might only hear the soundbite or read the tweet and not delve any deeper. But, alas, I question if Republicans “attempt to communicate” with anyone other than those who already agree with them and live in the last century?

The fact is, we live in a seven-second sound bite world, a twitterverse restricted to 140 characters -- a Brave New Digital World. We have several generations of digital nativists who see the world through imagery projected on large screens everywhere they go. They get their news in tweets and crawls. What is verbal and aural cacophony to we old fogies, is the ability to multiprocess information for our kids. While we may be caught back in the dark age of communication and how those communications are received and perceived, young people are in a different galaxy altogether. They can easily handle what looks to us like a visual, spastic, jumbled assault on multiple fronts and they can process that information.

Republicans need to think and act like Democrats and digital nativists. Can you imagine if, en masse and in a unified voice, Republicans started tweeting and posting and repeating in all of their media appearances -- especially the non-Fox, nonconservative talk radio stations -- crisp quips, easy to understand and pass on? Consider some of the following off the top of my head, although I’m sure many of you can do even better than I:

For every gun Democrats ban, they create another terrorist.

When Democrats ban guns, more terrorists are born.

By refusing to fight back against Islamic terrorists, the Democrats create more of them.

Democrats want you to focus on guns so you don’t realize they are helping the terrorists.

If the Democrats destroy every gun in the country, it will not eliminate ISIS terrorists.

Democrat-proposed gun control disarms law-abiding citizens who want to protect their families against criminals and jihadis.

Democrats don’t care if they take away your 2nd Amendment rights as long as they uphold the religious fanaticism of terrorists.

The President, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are more concerned about protecting militant Islamic terrorists than LGBTQs.  

Terrorists hate and they hate because of radical Islamic ideology.

Americans don’t want to fight peaceful Muslims. Just the Muslims who hate us.

The American people can distinguish between peaceful, law-abiding Muslims and those who hate. Why can’t the President and the Democrats?

Americans are too smart to fall for Obama’s strawman argument blaming guns instead of the terrorist. They know if a terrorist doesn’t have a gun, he’ll use a pressure cooker, a knife, a plane, a car, a rock, his bare hands.

If the Republicans don’t get their messaging together, they will be decimated on Election Day, once again -- with or without the politically-incorrect Trump.

In the war of words, which an election is, you either live by the word or die by the word. I choose the former. And the GOP?

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