What’s Wrong with Europe

The ancient Romans were building major infrastructure in Europe more than two millennia ago. Those Roman engineers were pretty serious dudes, as their aqueducts and other structures still stand. The birth of civilization in Europe goes back at least 3,000 years. By contrast, the first European colonies in what would become the U.S.A. started 400 years ago. But despite Europe’s far longer history than ours, America is nonetheless the granddaddy of nations. This isn’t due to being more powerful, as in having the military muscle to project power and keep the sea lanes open. Rather, it is because America has had a continuity of government since her founding that Europeans can only dream about. Even during our biggest domestic upheaval, the War Between the States, America held elections. When America installed her first government (1789), the Holy Roman Empire would dissolve in 17 years, the unification of German states was decades in the future, the Risorgimento that...(Read Full Article)