The Love Affair Between the British Labour Party and Adolf Hitler

Did you know that the Jewish victims of the Holocaust were partners of Adolf Hitler, who was a Zionist? Members of the British Labour Party have told us that this was the case. This is the most recent manifestation of the anti-Semitism that has reared its ugly head in Britain. It evokes the thought that this disease may have entered the ideological bloodstream of the British left. There is a vital need for a strengthening of the political immune system before the infection worsens. It is a particular cause for concern, though the fact is avoided, that the virus has recently appeared in Labour Party officials, most of whom are Muslims who are highly critical of the State of Israel. There is presently an intensive battle in Britain today, the skirmish for votes in the forthcoming referendum on June 23, 2016 between those who want the country to remain a member of the European Union and those who want Brexit – a British exit. At the moment there is a close division of opinion...(Read Full Article)