Obama: All Faiths are Equal

A few weeks ago, the bloviator-in-chief moved his lips in another deathless lumbada of badda -- another nugget of Obamaesque [un]truthiness.

His words: “An attack on islam is an attack on all faiths.” Outside a Baltimore mosque, he added, “When any religious group is targeted, we all have a responsibility to speak up.”

That goes double for you, too, Mr. President. And you have the means, and the daily morning update briefings, to be hyperaware of the true extent of threats against “religious groups.” And those under threat are far and away not Muslims.

But equal faiths is simply not so, Mr. O. 

Few religions chattelize all women, sanction the taking of all and any female child or adult as fit booty after unprovoked aggressions aimed at wresting land and money and valuables from innocent civilians doing no one any harm. No Protestant sect advises the mutilation of female genitalia, the forced donning of impenetrable, crippling body bags to ensure that men cannot gaze on a workaday female going about her daily rounds. Judaism has no brief with forced conversions under pain of death or the payment of vast sums of Jizzya to ‘apologize’ for not converting. Judaism frowns on conversions altogether, as those wishing to convert for a variety of reasons soon learn.

The Hindu does not rampage ceaselessly over lands they ‘once inhabited’ -- as in Andalusia, the Muslim coinage for Spain, 700 years ago. Baha’I have no brief with enforcing a specialized hell on earth called “sharia” that essentially nullifies the Constitution or any national democratic document that asserts primacy over a nation’s laws and people.

In an extensive, groundbreaking study of hundreds of stateside mosques undertaken in the ‘90s by leading anti-terror national security expert Steven Emerson, executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the vast majority of U.S. mosques feature violent and unmitigated anti-infidel literature, problematic clerics advocating unholy screeds and actions, and in the past and to this day harbor often-scabrous terrorists in training or worse.

During the first days in May, I attended a three-day conference held in the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC, sponsored by CitizenGo!, that dedicated a full day to hourly panels and discussion of ISIS and related Islamist groups’ torture, beheading, ravaging of property, abduction of women, selling captured Christian, Yazidi, and minority women into actual slavery, and of course, personal witness of their men being beheaded, shot or otherwise tortured to death.

Conference days on which there were no Christian survivor panels showed unwatchable full-length documentaries and trailers gotten through hidden cameras inside ISIS tents as they jubilantly discussed trading slaves and practicing sexual abuse on Yazidi women and children. These films show the ravages of Shia, Sunni, or Syrian Alewite massacres of mostly Christians, or other Muslims. Witness after witness spoke of being raped, even tiny girls. Men who had escaped, including priests and prelates of various Christian denominations, called on the world, and in particular President Obama, to come to their aid. Though there are some four thousand Jews in Iran, ostensibly a “protected minority” useful for the Shia regime of the mullahcracy, there are no longer any Jewish populations of any numbers in any Middle Eastern -- that is, Muslim -- state.

While in the world at large, ‘freelance’ killers (so-called ‘lone wolves’) or disordered minds have been on rare occasions known to kill innocent persons, the overwhelming majority of terror acts the world over are, as we all know if we have an IQ awareness beyond that of an eggplant, committed by Muslims.

President Obama obliviously plows on, promoting a false “narrative of equality and peace” by his youthful passion, Islam. Somehow failing to register the obvious. Somehow failing to do anything substantive about hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims at horrific risk. He sniffily ignores the indisputable evidence of cultic death that is encouraged or, just as perturbing, mildly tolerated even by mosque-goers who themselves don’t indulge in the koranic invocation to kill the infidel or extract conversion.

We under the odd president now closing in on eight peculiar years are chided to respect this glorious cultic anathema, encouraging unchecked and undocumented hordes to infuse our nation, chunk by chunk, with a slew of religionists who do not respect or acknowledge our culture or mores. A cultic swathe of humans who reach the tipping point and demand we change to accommodate their ancient and primitive customs, holidays, savage treatment of women, and the like.

So, no, Mr. President.

Caution is a self-defensive action grounded in not losing one’s precious head, and not losing one’s rights in a republic that was established by centuries of earnest refining and effort.

The impassive president has nothing to say beyond a vague tsk-tsk about the mass genocide of Christians in majoritarian Islamic lands, as the Copts in Egypt, the Christians of Iraq, and the Yazidi in Syria are now experiencing.

This “Christian” is about defending and protecting his pet patrimony, under the two stepfathers his mother hung with, or the real father his mother consorted with before he was conceived, and who, according to Herb London of the London Center for Policy Research, master of much well-founded scholarship,  informs us had the greatest impact on the growing Manchurian cum Indonesian cum Hawaiian lad who smoked and poked his way into an adulthood that included multiple names, affiliations, and identities and Social Security bona fides and questionable alliances and grade-point averages and foreign allegiances boosting him into the privileged ranks of  those more erudite and  achieved than he, but of a different ratio of  skin tone and vocal timbre.

So no, defensive actions to forestall attacks on us from Muslim solo actors or ragtag militia cadres is not “an attack against all faiths.”

And no, Mr. President. For the moment, all faiths are not the same. And certainly, we are all aware that among the 1.2 stealth billion near-co-religionists of this stealth president, there may indeed be peaceful observers of the desert sword faith-complex. But defensive actions against a marauding juggernaut of extreme heedless bent on extirpation of any and all noncompliant mankind that does not buckle under the yoke of an excessively punitive ‘real estate cult’ on conquer and destroy is not exclusionary of all other faiths.

It is self-defensive to be cautious in the face of this phenomenon, geared to not losing one’s precious, only head. And not losing one’s rights in a republic that was established by centuries of earnest refining and effort.

Such sane defensive posture is the reaction of normal persons to neutralize and defeat avowed public efforts to destroy and unman the West, the which both the Torah and the New Testament agree is sane behavior. We are commanded to live.

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