Leftist: it's Cool to Call Obama 'Our N****'

Wow! Could you imagine a comedian calling our black president the “n” word with Obama and the WH Press Corps thinking it cool/hip and laughing about it? At this year's White House Correspondent's dinner a black comedian referred to Obama as “my n****!” Rather than shock and ridicule, the comic's star is on the rise; he’s a cutting edge artist. Widespread Leftist approval further illustrates our nation's cultural rot perpetrated by the Left. Their narrative is if you want to become rich and famous in America, say something rude and crude and behave badly.

A few years back, I could hardly believe my eyes seeing Alabama State's marching band spell out “Trayvon” during their half time show. Trayvon's record confirms that he was a black thug. Why not spell out “Colby”, the black Chicago-area teacher who was a huge winner on “Jeopardy”

Why do white and traitorous self-aggrandizing black Leftists always throw us black Americans bones (Trayvon) rather than real meat (Colby) for nourishment? Idiot blacks suck on the bones. It sickens me.

The Grammy Awards featured a huge production number in tribute to Michael Brown, also a black thug and criminal. The Leftist values driving our culture are totally screwed up. Leftist elevate black thugs to sainthood, while demonizing positive black role models like world renown retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and businessman extraordinaire Herman Cain. It is crazy, folks.

Another arrogant crazy thing about leftists is that they feel free to use the “n”word, make racist slurs and do racist things.

According to a poll, there is not one Republican in the 72 members of the WH press corps. They are all leftist. The comedian who called Obama his n**** is also a Leftist which makes his racist reference to the president cool.

Years ago, arrogant superior leftists Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg assumed their racist comedy bit with Danson in black-face would be embraced as hilarious at an event. They were stunned when the audience responded with shock and outrage. Black talk show host Montel Williams walked off the stage offended. Danson and Goldberg probably thought, what's wrong with you guys? We're liberals so it is cool. We get a pass on making racist jokes.

In response to me, a black conservative singer/songwriter penning the “American Tea Party Anthem”, a leftist wrote on Youtube. “Maybe this n***** should shut up and learn his place.” This was just one of numerous hate-filled racist slurs by leftists denigrating me. But hey, these were Leftists supposedly taking up for our black president so it was cool to express racism against me.

When black Republican Michael Steele ran for U.S. Senate a white Leftist blogger doctored a photo of Steele making him look like a minstrel in blackface with the caption, “Simple Sambo wants to move to the big house.” A Democrat ran the despicable image on behalf of his campaign before eventually removing it. 

White leftists published cartoons depicting former black Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as an Aunt Jemima and a huge lip parrot for her “Massa Bush”. White Leftist radio talk show host John Sylvester called Rice an “Aunt Jemima” laboring slavishly for Bush

For daring not to pervert the Constitution to federally mandate same-sex marriage nationwide, leftist homosexual activist George Takei called black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “clown in black-face”. Again, leftists deem racism is cool when directed at non-leftist minorities.

I remember back when Leftist filmmaker Quentin Tarantino came out with his movie, Pulp Fiction. I thought, “Man, that movie had an obsessive use of the “n” word.” General media consensus was using the “n” word was cool and cutting edge because it was done by Tarantino, a leftist. It is reported that Tarantino's latest movie, Hateful Eight, is an orgy of using the “n” word, repeated over 60 times. I am sure leftist Tarantino's attitude is chill out bros, it’s cool. I'm down with y'all. BTW, I will never watch Tarantino's new movie due to his irresponsible, dangerous and hate-generating indictment of America's police calling them racist who murder blacks at will. This man is a vile shameless idiot.

These are just a few of many examples of MSM giving leftists a pass to be racist. Any one of the racist acts or comments I have mentioned made by a Republican would have generated mainstream media firestorms; clamoring for resignations and high-tech beheading.

Meanwhile, mainstream media and democrats bombard Republicans with accusations of racism for the slightest criticism or policy disagreement with Obama. We must begin calling out leftists' racist hypocrisy and strongly pushing back legally against leftists' tyranny.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American; Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee; LloydMarcus.com

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