Keep the Feds Out of Your Children's Bathrooms

Obama has asserted, by pure fiat, on no legal, medical, scientific, or commonsense grounds whatsoever, that he can dictate how children use school bathrooms around the country.  This is an obnoxious and dangerous abuse of federal power, and it looks suspicious.  What is Obama's motivation? 

Adults may not remember the deep shame and embarrassment children often feel, as early as age four, around toilet training.  Sibling rivalry can get pretty intense.  Being called a "poopy kid" by your brother or sister might look pretty harmless to parents, but young children can experience it as a sink-through-the-floor feeling of overwhelming shame.  Getting bowel control is a learning process, and losing bowel control feels like a world-shaking catastrophe to a young child. 

Bathrooms are built for privacy because they are surrounded by fear and shame, even after a hundred years of "progressive" theories.  Childhood shame around potty training occurs long before the even bigger ups and downs of puberty, another enormously sensitive time "down there."  

Sexuality is an enormous psychic force, not some parlor game.  Sexual politics has reshaped generations of young people in Western schools, and from there sexual politics has swept the culture.  You can see the results with your own eyes. 

Liberals have a long, long history of trivializing the emotional tempests of childhood and adolescence via the myth of "progressive parenting." 

But human biology wins that battle every single time they try to fiddle with the facts of life. 

Wise parents just don't interfere with a child's turbulent emotional growth; nature is much, much wiser than we are.  We can protect children by giving them privacy and emotional support when they ask for it.  The growing child is the only judge of what feels comfortable during the most vulnerable years.  Leave it to nature. 

And here come Obama's feds, stomping through the most delicate moments in a child's life. 

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. 

This is relevant to Obama's Federal Bathroom Edict, decreeing that children who believe they are not their biological sex should be free to use any bathroom, boys' or girls'.  Nobody seems to care about the other occupants of those bathrooms, who may have their own feelings about their space being invaded by sexually confused kids.  Or adults. 

Nobody knows at what age children can make thoughtful judgments about such things.  At a time in life when kids honestly believe in Santa Claus, the idea that they can make wise choices about questions that have adults deeply confused is unbelievably bizarre. 

Obama's Bathroom Edict is a dangerous brainstorm, a typical product of this dangerously reckless White House. 

We know where the left's obsession with sexual shaping comes from: it's the Frankfurt School of Marxism, imported into the United States as a social pathogen in places like the University of California at Santa Cruz, where Herbert Marcuse presided over "progressive" thought for a number of years. 

Marcuse "regarded the realization of man's erotic nature as the true liberation of humanity."  Bottom line: act like a Bonobo chimp, who rub their genitals against each other to make peace. 

(Bonobos also engage in the usual range of chimp violence, including bachelor raids on neighboring clans to rape and steal females.  Male chimps may also kill the babies of females to gain a reproductive advantage.  These facts are never talked about in liberal circles.) 

I can't imagine what it must be like for a child to grow up in a sex fantasy-obsessed culture, including adults who are themselves deeply confused about their own sexuality.  Puberty is a  "critical period" when kids are most vulnerable, trying to decide who they are going to be as adults. 

In college I had a gay friend, part of a loose network of friends who would meet in the cafeteria to talk and waste time.  My friend – let's call him Raymond, to protect the guilty – was a spectacular homosexual. I later realized that our favorite table in the cafeteria was the perfect observation point for Raymond to watch through the glass doors, to see who was going into the men's bathroom.  Once or twice a day Raymond would get up to venture over there and come out literally dancing.  His friends were tolerantly amused by it all. 

Later on, it turned out that Raymond had engaged in sodomy with his younger brother for years, starting very early.  HIV was incubating and being spread mainly through male-to-male anal penetration.  Nobody knew anything about AIDS at that time, before the epidemic exploded and people started dying.  I've lost contact with Raymond, who was a brilliant guy, but I've heard that he and his younger brother died from the plague. 

Biologically, deadly epidemics break out when an immunized population comes into contact with a group that hasn't developed immunity to a pathogenic bug.  AIDS is believed to originate from an animal reservoir of HIV and to have been transferred by an animal biting a person who had no immunity.  It was then transmitted by blood-to-blood contact, exploding successively into new, unprotected groups of people. 

The biological basis of infection has been known since Louis Pasteur in the 19th century.  When gay men coming from vulnerable populations started traveling to New York, San Francisco, and London, the epidemic exploded.  Sex tourism to the Caribbean and Africa then infected black populations, which are still seeing a raging epidemic. 

This is why African leaders are not thrilled when Obama, in full imperialistic arrogance, demands that they adopt American and European sexual habits.  Poor nations in Africa cannot afford the expensive "AIDS cocktail" keeping men alive in the West.  They are being preyed upon by Western predators, and they know it. 

Sexuality is a force of nature, not a stick-on label.  It has its own laws, and because it is the pathway to reproduction, it is highly constrained biologically.  This is not something to meddle with. 

Obama is far and away the most arrogant and scientifically ignorant political leader we've ever had.  Other politicians may use their power to fulfill personal fantasies.  They have to bear the consequences.  But Obama is bound and determined to impose his personal ideas on children.

This is objectively insane.  In America, we do not sacrifice our children to some freaky cult.  We are not the Mayans.  But our common sense is severely impaired after a generation of media indoctrination, and many of us have been suckered good.  (Obviously the media themselves engage in dangerous practices with drugs and "alternative sex").

"Progressive parenting" is celebrated – after a century of massive "progressive" failures has dumbed our people down to pre-industrial levels.  Stupidity and ignorance, once rare and a matter of shame, have now become the norm. 

Our sophisticated media therefore act as a pathogenic agent, infecting each new generation with escalating sexual extremism, an addictive process that constantly demands bigger kicks. 

Healthy adults who are confident in themselves may be able to resist the tide of progressive delusions.  Unhealthy adults, and vulnerable children, are the most at risk.  Whenever media cult-indoctrinated adults realize that all their hopes have turned to ashes, they turn their personal rage into fodder for demagogues.  Like Obama. 

A healthy culture protects its children against bizarre sexual experiments.  Obama's Bathroom Edict is an obvious case of "progressive" experimentalism gone nuts. 

Don't let the feds tell your kids which bathroom to use.  If somebody is confused about his sexual identity – which is easy enough, given the crazed media – give him a separate bathroom of his own.  And find wise and helpful counselors, but only if the kids are comfortable with that.  Never impose your own "progressive" ideology on others. 

And keep out the predators.  The woods are full of them.  They are often the victims of sexual fantasy indoctrination themselves.  Keep them as far away as you can.

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