For Trump (and with enthusiasm)

The ongoing William Kristol/Mitt Romney cabal aimed at dredging up a kamikaze third party candidacy is in fact a murder/suicide pact that would destroy both Trump and the sacrificial candidate (and Romney/Kristol) while delivering the White House to Hillary Clinton or her Democrat substitute. Kristol/Romney, while claiming to be protectors of the Republican Party at home and the state of Israel abroad, are apparently working jointly to deliver the White House to the Party that -- aggressively and ever more successfully -- seeks to destroy both.  The Kristol/Romney efforts are so obviously destructive of the causes they claim to champion that other motives must lurk.  If they don’t come to their senses soon, they will earn undying outcast status from the Republican Party and the multiple groups (conservatives, independents, moderates) that seek to avert three or four consecutive presidential terms by the now intensely leftist Democratic Party.  

Whether or not a third party spoiler emerges, and assuming no black swan event, either Trump or the Democrat (almost certainly Clinton) enters the Oval Office on January 20, 2017. There are no other possibilities.  

More than 60 million Americans who voted for Romney in 2012 (and millions of other middle and working class Americans whose attention Trump has positively engaged) need to wrap their minds around this inescapable reality and decide which of the two to support. 

For ordinary members of the Republican voter base the decision should require about a microsecond’s reflection.  A few allegedly conservative deep thinkers at small circulation magazines and national talk shows, burdened by ideological rigidity, geographic and social isolation, and snobbery, and a few Republican office holders, prisoners of fear and misperceived self-interest, apparently need more time.

There is much more than a reasonable basis for believing that a President Trump would offer substantial relief from the Obama nightmare on issues of intense concern to conservatives, Republicans and members of the American middle and working classes.

By his central campaign themes, repeated promises and life story, it’s very probable that President Trump would attempt to:

 *Halt or dramatically diminish the deliberately engineered tsunami of illegal immigration -- which is driving down American wages and rapidly moving the Republic to one party rule at the presidential level, thus effectively destroying any possibility for return to constitutionally conservative governance;

*Reinvigorate America’s commitment to freedom of expression by personally rejecting and calling out the suffocating and un-American dictates of the left’s increasingly dishonest and authoritarian political correctness;

 *Stop the white race baiting and the outrageously dishonest demonization of the police, which are driving race relations in America to dangerous levels of animosity;

 *Appoint Supreme Court justices committed to protecting our enumerated liberties, not to diluting them while they enact the left’s agenda behind the transparent scrim of interpreting the “living Constitution;”

 *Repeal and replace Obamacare, the massive healthcare fraud inflicted on the American middle class, which, in order to provide medical coverage to about 10 million individuals, massively increased the cost and diminished the quality of medical coverage for about 100 million others;

 *Reinvigorate America’s anemic economy by reducing the tax and regulatory burden that has intensified corporate America’s tendency to locate manufacturing facilities abroad; and

 *Rebuild America’s military might and restore its allies’ faith in, and its enemies’ fear of, the United States, both now at historic lows.

Note, I said “reasonable basis for believing … Trump would attempt to,” not a certainty that “he would.” Political grownups realize there will be disappointments, as there were under both Presidents Bush, and as there surely would have been under Dole, McCain or Romney.

But the worst that could be expected from Trump -- an unapologetic American patriot who has spent his entire life creating wealth for himself and others in the private sector -- would be a walk on the warm side of the street compared to the continuing horrors that to a certainty will be served up by a White House occupied by a representative of today’s far left and ever more malignantly authoritarian Democratic Party.

The reasonable basis for hope is grounded in Trump’s unquestioned patriotism and love of country, his consistently stated desire to put the well-being of America’s citizens first, his repeatedly demonstrated willingness to rub his thumb in the eye of political correctness, and his lifelong efforts to build and manage major properties, after which no human being could fail to nurse a deep loathing for the economically ruinous burden of excessive government regulation and confiscatory taxes.

Republicans, conservatives, and the American working and middle classes need to compare these reasonable hopes from a Trump presidency with the multiple continuing calamities that would continue flowing in great rivers from another four (probably eight) year presidency by the now solidly leftist authoritarians of the Democratic Party. 

Here’s a partial list of what’s in store for America under Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat:

*Complete amnesty for all illegals now in the country, an utterly unknown number (but all Democrat voters), certainly much greater than the 12 million regularly conceded by amnesty advocates, along with four/eight years of intensified unvetted mass third world immigration to the US -- followed by the managed dispersion of both groups to the states where their votes will do the most harm to the possibility of two party governance at the presidential level;

*Ever more open repression of free expression -- which the Left has already all but killed in the universities and the workplace -- enforced by strident epithets, professional and educational punishment, and, as we’ve seen more recently, punitive government action, all of which will be decreed constitutional by a United States Supreme Court dominated by newly appointed down the line supporters of the left’s agenda;

*Continued dangerously feckless appeasement of the violent radical Islamic world, leading to unknowable but certainly negative near and medium term consequences for the security and cultural survival of the West;

*Relentless continuing promotion of racial animosity in America through -- among other techniques -- the willfully fraudulent demonization of the police and whites generally;

*And a continued regulatory and tax environment that ensures further decline in the productive capacity of the US economy and its ability to generate well compensated jobs for the American working and private sector middle class.

As I said it would be, the foregoing list of abominations is incomplete, but it should more than suffice for every Republican -- conservative or moderate -- and for millions of independents and Democrats who would welcome the return of an America that promotes the interests of its own citizens, defends its own borders, does not deliberately divide its own citizens by race for political advantage, is a dependable ally to its friends and fierce foe to its enemies, and jealously gaurds its once fundamental right to freedom of expression.  

The suggestion that Trump’s personal or stylistic imperfections, or his lack of “ideological guardrails,” should lead Republicans or conservatives to opt for a four or eight-year continuation of the Obama horror show verges on the ludicrous.

History is littered with the carnage caused by giving the very bad political power while rejecting the much better and waiting for the ideal. Pray that we are not victimized by such fatal foolishness in this next most consequential presidential election of the last hundred years.