Does Obama's Troubled Childhood Explain His Bathroom Weirdness?

It is not considered polite to mention it, but Obama observers have ignored a great deal of evidence that the president of the United States was abused at approximately age ten and afterwards, in a way that would be criminal under American and European law.  This whole topic should be out of bounds for political debate, but now the grown up Barack Obama has issued an edict to American school systems, which are responsible for the welfare of millions of children in this country.  It is legally unprecedented that the president would direct whether schoolchildren should able to enter bathrooms reserved for a different gender.  It is Obama himself who has now pushed what Freud called psychosexual development onto the political stage, where it does not belong.

Medically and scientifically, the credibility of children's beliefs about their own sexuality has no foundation in evidence.  Sexual development has been studied in psychiatry and psychology since the 19th century, usually by way of case histories.  But our truly reliable evidence is near zero.  Any nationwide policy affecting the psychosexual development of children is therefore absurd and irresponsible on its face.  Nobody knows for sure, because there is no scientific standard for sexual identity.  Some studies of so-called "sex change" surgery show high failure rates.  Until recently, no medical doctor would have authorized any unproven treatment for an underage individual.  The Obama edict therefore has no medical or scientific basis, to say the least.

The only explanation that makes sense comes from the young Barry Soetoro's own life story.

At age ten, the child Barry Soetoro was sent by his biological mother from Jakarta, Indonesia to Hawaii, where his grandparents apparently handed him over to the care of a person of known and questionable character, his "mentor," Frank Marshall Davis.  There is no known legal basis for this double transfer of parental responsibility.  The mother and her husband remained in Indonesia so that legally, the child was abandoned by his legal parents.  This is child neglect.

As far as is known, Frank Marshall Davis never legally adopted the ten-year-old child.  Any family welfare worker would have raised serious questions about the legality and safety of Frank Marshall Davis becoming the sole adoptive parent.  Davis was a hard-core Communist at the time, a party member. The Soviet Union, then under Nikita Khruschev and soon Leonid Brezhnev, posed a nuclear threat to the Western world.  The Cold War was at its height.  Davis was an obsessively enraged anti-white, anti-American individual, as shown in his newsletters and personal accounts.  Davis wrote at least one pornographic pseudo-autobiography under the name Ben Green.  He was an obsessive race-hater.

On the face of it, Barry's mother, his grandparents, and Mr. Davis were guilty at least of child neglect.  Psychologically, children who are passed around like this are often traumatically affected.  Abandonment at a vulnerable age is said to inflict an emotional "wound" that may turn into narcissistic overcompensation.  To make up for crushing feelings of personal rejection, a child may take refuge in grandiose and self-glorifying fantasies.  Children who feel abandoned may seek sexualized relationships with adults to ensure that they will never be abandoned again.

Davis shows strong features of oppositional-defiant disorder, a compulsive need to break the boundaries of socially accepted behavior.  For example, he allegedly took naked photos of Obama's mother, dedicated his life to the Communist Party at a time when it was viewed as a threat to national survival, wrote passages involving pedophilia, and expressed his rage in racial terms.  Davis mixed his obsessive racial anger with sexual provocation and revolutionary politics.  He was not a fantasy revolutionary.  He really hated those he considered enemies.

As an adult, Barack Obama shows many of the same psychological features.  Other father figures in Obama's life are also enraged, racially charged, and emotionally obsessive.  Jeremiah Wright is an obvious example, but he is not the only one.

The important point is that the young Barry Soetoro lived with father figures who were consumed with racial hatred.  When he briefly encountered his biological father in person and read his socialist writings, he was ready to idealize the image of Obama Sr.  In fact, Obama Sr. joined the post-revolutionary regime of Jyomo Kenyatta, was soon expelled, apparently became alcoholic, and died under suspicious circumstances after two nearly identical car accidents.

All this should be irrelevant, but it is not – certainly not when the president of the United States issues decrees to our school systems that directly affect the psychological development of children.  The Western world has seen major "revolutionary" movements based on assumed or real sexual desires and behavior.  Sexuality and sexual identity (two different things) have become deliberately politicized.  One major lethal epidemic has already killed hundreds of thousands of (mostly) young men.  Our culture has become so sexualized that we cannot visit a web page without being swamped by soft porn images.

Obama's "Bathroom Edict" is an obvious abuse of presidential power.  It should not be obeyed, even if parents and teachers have to mount a major resistance campaign.  The fact that it hasn't already stirred enormous public outrage shows how desensitized we have become.

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