Collusion with Genocide Is Evil Incarnate

The left is all about peace and love, as everybody knows.  But the reality is somewhat different.

The American and British left actively colluded with Stalin's Soviet Communism at the very time Stalin was killing millions of peasants and dissidents in the Soviet Empire.  Malcolm Muggeridge wrote a brilliant autobiography of that time, because he was present at the genocides as the Moscow correspondent for The Guardian – still the Holy Scripture of the left in Britain. 

Media lie factories like the New York Times and the British Guardian are the worst enablers of evil.  In traditional religion, the criminals could always make repentance, but I'm less optimistic.  Tradition gives the comfort of believing that truly evil human beings will get their just deserts in the afterlife, and vir justus – the just man, who plays such a central role in religion – will be spared eternal punishment.

I wish I could believe that. 

We are surrounded by evil – ISIS massacres of Christian children and women and other ideological "enemies" – but much more by liberal enablers of ISIS and its kind. 

Practically the entire Western left is idiotically parroting moral equivalence for today's sadistic Nazis.  The Muslim Brotherhood is in fact a paleo-Nazi gang, spawned in 1929 when Nazi and fascist ideology was popular in the Muslim world.  Hillary's closest pal Huma Abedin's family is steeped in Ikhwan ideology, and she herself has edited an M.B. magazine.

In other words, in Hillary's lifelong quest for justice against the likes of Richard Nixon, she has ended up in bed with Muslim Nazis...who are constantly yearning for genocide against the enemies of Allah. 

Between Alinsky and the Moobers, Hillary has utterly and completely lost her moral bearings.  And she just keeps digging deeper and deeper. 

In his own way, Bernie Sanders is in the same moral quicksand, because he has always refused to face the guilt of the 100 million Marxist victims in the 20th century. 

Sanders joined a Stalinist kibbutz in Israel around 1960, and today he has appointed three public Israel-haters (genocide-promoters) to his campaign.  It's all of a piece, and he will never, ever actually face his guilty collusion in massive crimes against humanity. 

None of the liberal media even dares to touch that one, for fear of being burned themselves.  After all, the highest ambition of media people is to work for the New York Times, the same discredited news rag that refused to return Walter Durante's Pulitzer Prize, even after Durante's lifelong propaganda for Stalin was exposed.  Morally, the New York Times is the pits. 

I wish I could believe in Dante's Inferno – it would be so clarifying to throw the worst people into the deepest pit.  Today, instead of moral clarity, we have confusion, which allows liberals (particularly) to say that the Crusades (ended in the year 1200) are morally equivalent to ISIS and the Saudi war criminals on 9/11/01.

That is objectively insane, of course.  Fifteen years ago, 17 Wahhabi suicide-killers committed a crime against humanity in Manhattan and at the Pentagon.  Liberals have to go back almost a thousand years to find something they consider equal to jihad to accuse Christians of.

A few days ago, the pope declared that the Catholic conquistadores in South America six hundred years ago were morally equivalent to theologically murderous jihad, which follows the customs of 7th-century Arabian desert tribes in attacking, raiding, raping, kidnapping, and torturing the innocent without provocation.  The pope is promoting moral equivalence between the churches and jihad. 

By comparison, Benedict XVI followed a principled and coherent moral philosophy.  You can always disagree, but Benedict's moral stance is consistent, stable, and civilizing.

The jihad preached by the Wahhabi and Khomeinist priesthood of Saudi Arabia and Iran deserve the very worst that Allah has in store for them.  Obama and Valerie Jarrett have also knowingly chosen to be jihad enablers. 

Dante's Inferno and Paradiso are creative inventions, but they allow us to imagine what a truly moral universe would be like.  They give clarity, whereas liberal fictions are cobbled up to create moral confusion.

The jihad-enabling left – European and American socialism – is still colluding with absolute evil.  It's almost as if they keep looking for the worst political tyranny to support.  Every time some indoctrinated terror-bombers murder another group of innocent people, the left leaps to the criminals' defense. 

In traditional Western law, aiding and abetting murder is a serious crime, akin to committing murder itself.

The world has been staring in stupefaction at ISIS murder and torture videos for at least a year.  Rather than stomping out the criminals, which would be the civilized response, we are losing our own moral bearings, at least on the relativistic left.

Just as Angela Merkel's Germany seems to be suffering from a Stockholm syndrome of surrender to the rape epidemic, the world as a whole is becoming more desensitized and confused.  The longer nothing is done about ISIS, the more we will just get used to it until it seems to be normal. 

In King Lear, Shakespeare allows us to follow Lear's thoughts, wandering at night on the blasted heath, accompanied only by his Fool.  Lear is trying to come to terms with the treachery of his daughters, Regan and Goneril, who have thrown their father Lear out into the stormy night, shut out from the safety of his own castle.  Lear says:

Filial ingratitude! 

Is it not as this mouth should bite this hand 
For lifting food to't? ... 

No, I will weep no more. In such a night 
To shut me out! ...

In such a night as this! O Regan, Goneril! 
Your old kind father, whose frank heart gave all! 

O, that way madness lies; let me shun that! 
No more of that.

Lear can't really believe the depth of evil of Regan and Gonerill.  His mind will not go that way.  "Oh, that way madness lies; let me shun that!"

Maybe that is why liberals today cannot face the evil they keep rationalizing.  They are so deeply stuck in thinking they are good and virtuous that they cannot face reality.  They cannot repent, because repentance and healing require confession of the truth first. 

In psychology this is called "ego defense."  The trouble with ego defenses is that they distort and twist reality to protect one's own self-esteem.  The left can never even imagine being wrong, because it is afraid that the pain of guilt would be too great. 

Or possibly, in their hearts, leftists have joined the enemy.  Human psychology makes that possible, too. 

On the left, we are looking at very severe pathology.  If you can imagine having to own their lifelong histories of enabling genuine evil, you can get a sense of the fix they are in.  That is why they look so estranged from reality, and from people with common sense.

In Dante's theology, evil is estrangement from God.  For those of us who are not religious, we can see in Hillary, Sanders, and Obama a similar estrangement – perhaps not from God, but from our common humanity.  It is hard to imagine how else they can live with themselves.