The Sexuality Left's Real Enemy is Christianity

Governor Andrew Cuomo of NY recently banned most travel by state employees to North Carolina. Was this bizarre action a result of a resurgence of the KKK? No -- rather, Cuomo has decided to impose his religious beliefs on the residents of North Carolina.

Those dastardly North Carolinians dared to say that men shouldn’t be allowed to use women’s restrooms. Clearly no right thinking progressive could live with that, so Cuomo, and thousands of other liberal bigots, immediately began applying pressure to assure that men could use women’s restrooms.

From a scientific perspective, it’s clear that men who claim to think they’re women need our help and support, but the right answer is not to enable their delusion. But even more importantly, both men and women have, according to liberals, a constitutionally ensured right to privacy.

Yet what greater invasion of privacy could there be than to be forced to share a bathroom with a stranger of the opposite sex? Cuomo is appalled that parents don’t want their 10-year-old daughters exposed to any man who simply declares that he’s a woman. Apparently, liberals have no interest in protecting children from pedophile voyeurs. But even adult women don’t want to be forced to share a bathroom with a person with a male reproductive organ.

It seems that to liberals like Cuomo that the only citizens who have rights are those who deny their biological identity -- a rather bizarre faith-based belief.

Cuomo and his ilk reject the settled science that says that merely thinking one is of the opposite sex does not in fact make one a member of the opposite sex in order to advance their purely faith-based belief that people are infinitely malleable.

Could you imagine Cuomo ever saying that a white man could declare himself to be black because he felt he was a black man and as a result get perks reserved for minorities, such as preferential treatment for jobs and government contracts? (Cuomo's opinion concerning Rachel Dolezal, who did exactly that, is not on record.) 

No sane and honest person thinks that a person’s sex is any less determined by their DNA than is a person’s race yet liberals wish to impose their belief in magic on the rest of society. Such a rejection of settled science is proof positive that Cuomo is engaged in a discriminatory religious crusade against people who believe in scientific truths.

The internal inconsistency of Cuomo’s position is highlighted by his plan to travel to China. China continues to treat members of the LGBT community very poorly -- as understood by liberals -- and certainly men are not allowed to use women’s bathrooms.

Perhaps the reason that Cuomo has no problem with this apparent bit of hypocrisy is that his real motivation is hatred for Christianity, or more precisely Christian morals, rather than a deeply held love of the “transgendered”.

After all Cuomo, like all hard-core liberals, believes in the unlimited right of the government to control American’s lives. Cuomo believes that he and his minions, the very well paid government bureaucrats, are the anointed elite who have the right and the responsibility to tell everyone else how they should live their lives.

But in America, religion, generally Christianity, argues that the rights of men flow from God, not the State and that the State’s power in fact flows from the people. Christianity teaches that the people run the government; a concept that directly conflicts with the liberal ideal of the government controlling the people.

Cuomo is not the only elected official to espouse, through his actions, this liberal perspective. After all, Obama has often bemoaned having to work with the people’s representatives and has, whenever he thought he could get away with it, violated the constitutional restrictions on presidential powers.

Interestingly, both Obama and Cuomo have visited Cuba, a country that has a far worse record on LGBT issues than North Carolina. Apparently concern for LGBTs is limited to places where Christianity is a key cultural force. Atheistic persecution of LGBTs by China and Cuba don’t seem to bother either Cuomo or Obama.

And then of course Obama’s continual praise for Iran, a country that persecutes LGBTs, shows that he’s not motivated by a real compassion for the “transgendered”.

There is an old saying that those the gods would destroy they first make mad. It alludes to the fact that hubris, pride, and the belief that men can change their own nature lead to actions that are mad when viewed in the context of reality.

Yet what can be more insane than claiming that, merely by saying so, Bruce Jenner can become a woman? What a sexist affront to women!

It’s unclear whether people like Cuomo actually believe in the insanity they endorse, or if they are simply cynically using the LGBT community as a battering ram to destroy the last remaining obstacle – religion -- to their grab for complete power over the American people.

When confronting liberals spouting this sort of nonsense, make it clear that a man can no more declare himself to be a woman than a white man can declare himself to be black; science has taught us that both of those identities are written in our DNA. Then point out that people have the right to privacy and hence should not be forced to share a bathroom with a person of the opposite sex.

While we can change how we act, we can’t change our biological identity; and public policy that ignores that truth can only lead to disaster and oppression.

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