It's not a Matter of Blame but Trust

We are constantly told that it is a stupid logical fallacy to blame all Muslims for the actions of a few. It is so stupid that it could only be the result of a psychological malady: Islamophobia or hysterical anti-Muslim derangement syndrome. Yes, it would be stupid to blame all postal workers for a given postal worker that goes “postal.” The stupidity of generalization of blame to an entire cohort for the actions of a few, however is not always that clear-cut. Should the members of a KKK group in Georgia be blamed for the actions of a few that burn down a black church? No. They cannot be blamed for actually burning the church but it is rational that they be treated with the suspicion as to whether they support as much. They have earned the suspicion and distrust of those who regard such actions as inexcusable. But that, in part, is just what the Muslim community regards as unfair and irrational. They complain about being viewed with distrust and suspicion. I...(Read Full Article)