Fiorina Can Help Cruz Win

The selection of Carly Fiorina as Ted Cruz's running mate, should he get the Republican Nomination, is a shrewd move in several ways.  As a woman who rose from nothing without the Governor of Arkansas as her husband or a New York multi-millionaire as her father, Fiorina, like Cruz, has a compelling life story that shows that anyone with courage and grit can succeed in America.  She is also brilliant and successful in those very parts of economic activity that are the keys to true prosperity.  The politics of Cruz announcing his choice for her now makes good political sense.  Trump, for once, is behind the news cycle.  At a time when Trump wishes the media to be doing nothing but talking about his sweep on the Northeast, Ted Cruz's selection as a running mate drains much of the attention that is the lifeblood of Trump's whole campaign. Selection of a running mate this early is the sort of unorthodox approach that has helped Trump.  The...(Read Full Article)