Biology Makes a Woman, Not Clothing or a Bathroom

Despite what the progressive left says, clothes cannot change what gender you were formed into. There is no way Victoria’s Secret, Lily Pulitzer, Old Navy, or Dress Barn changes what your gender is. That is not how the real world works -- how you "feel" does not beat what biology says. I find it ironic that the left tries to use science and biology as a way to disprove the existence of God, the meaning of life, or the creation of the world. But when it comes to "transgenders" the left says fashion and feelings trump the same science and biology. 

Recently, a lady in Washington State took a series of pictures of herself dressed in a couple of different outfits. The first pictures had her wearing a Russell Wilson jersey and holding a football. She held a sign that simply asked, "Does this make me Russell Wilson?" The other picture that was the lady dressed up like a pirate. She had a different sign that asked, "Does this make me a pirate?" There was a third picture of a dress and purse lying on the floor with a sign next to it reading, "Then how does this make a man into a woman?" This was posted on Facebook and quickly went viral. Of course, the left lost its collective, nonindependent thinking, mind. But since she is on the Left Coast that is not hard to believe.

We know how the left claims to be an "inclusive", "compassionate", "caring", "tolerant" group of people. That is just how they naturally are. Of course, "transgenders" and the progressive left began to bash the lady. All she did was make a salient point about the recklessness of the new Target policy allowing grown men to go into the bathroom with women and young girls. I know it is a horrible thing to think that the legitimate safety of women is more important than the bent ideas of less than one percent. She is heartless to challenge Target and transgenders on what they believe. She should just understand that Target panders not only to transgenders, but to the perverts and sex offenders who will undoubtedly take advantage of this negligent policy.

If I am offended by this policy as a man, then real women have every right to be offended by transgenders deciding to play female for the day, and putting them at risk. They think that by wearing a dress, heels, make-up and carrying a purse, they are a woman. No, that is not how this thing called the real world actually works. In the real world, we use facts. In this case, science says chromosomes form certain features, which dictate what gender one is when he or she is born. When a girl grows up and turns into a woman, she has certain qualities and traits that form who are she is as a daughter, mother, or grandmother. The special qualities of compassion she is equipped with do not come from the type of clothes she wears. They do not come from putting makeup on her face. The qualities certainly do not come from being able to go into a women’s bathroom. These characteristics come from God-given maternal instincts, instincts men do not have.  

No man wearing a dress from the women's section of Belks will have the ability to nurture a baby that is crying in the middle of the night because it’s spending its first night alone in the crib the way a real woman can. No man wearing makeup can comfort a young teenage girl who just had their heartbroken for the very first time because her boyfriend dumped her, the way a real woman can. No man going into a women's restroom will ever be a real grandmother who is helping their daughter with her newborn, the way a real woman can. The reason is biology. The ability for a woman to be able to do just a few of the things I mentioned is not because she woke up on a Thursday and thought "I feel like a woman today." It is the science the left so highly touts. That is unless it disrupts the progressives and transgender's political agenda. 

The abilities that a real woman has are distinctly different from those of a male. There is no logical point in a man going into a women’s bathroom. By using a woman's restroom, he will not magically change into a woman, but that is almost what the left wants you to think. When those who understand the consequences of letting grown men into the bathroom with young girls, such as this, they are called names for actually caring about the safety of women. Yet, conservatives and Republicans have a "war on women." No, this is incorrect. The progressive liberals and Democrats are waging a war on real women. 

A real woman will do things for children that no delusional man playing "woman" can ever do. A real woman can love, nurture, feed, take care of, and think a certain way that no male can ever understand. Transgenderism is attempting to destroy true motherhood/womanhood, and the left is assisting. 

Hillary Clinton claims to be "on the side of women", but she is not. She is helping to destroy what it means to be a real woman. Given Hillary's obvious fervor for her political career since graduating college, I doubt she was ever the true motherly type in the first place.  

The war on real women by the left is clearly evident. The case of the lady from Washington is proof. Of course, when the leftists threw their temper tantrum, they started lying because it is the only way to get what they want. There is no truth, or common sense behind their actions, so they lie in an attempt to get their way. Someone reported this lady's picture as "having nudity" to Facebook in an attempt to have the evil, bigoted common sense post removed. A woman truly stands up for women, the crossdressing men get upset, and the progressives laud the make up masqueraders. This is where we are in this culture.

Transgenders cannot and will not ever know what it is like to be a real woman. I do not care if they get surgery to change their sex. There is no surgery that can change their chromosomes, or give them maternal instincts. That leaves them still being a man, no matter how much they pay a doctor to mutilate their body. They can never love, nurture, or care like a woman. And there is no bathroom or clothing in this world that will allow them to do so.   

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