A Religion of Peace, Harmony, and Respect for All

Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know how to read the Koran. So sayeth Osaama Saifi in an HuffPo article. According to Saifi, the purveyors of the thesis that the Koran endorses vengeance and supremacy by treachery, terror, and torture and promotes hatred of the vile Jews (monkeys) and Christians (pigs) are just a bunch of cherry-picking idiots. They understand not the literary-poetic style nor the historical context of the passages they quote and they fail to quote the full context of the passages they cite. Moreover, there are verses in the Koran itself which explain how the Koran is to be read and understood. The Koran is to be read with reason, rationality, and reflection and not taken in as if it were some cookbook recipe. To back up his claim about verses that explain how the Koran is to be read with reason and reflection, Saifi references but does not quote the following two passages: The claim, “The Qur’an encourages all to read it and reflect...(Read Full Article)