A Murder Provides a Lesson in Evil at the University of Texas

Haruka Weiser was lovely and full of promise – a dance major in her freshman year with a full scholarship at the University of Texas in Austin. She had planned to declare a second major in pre-med. Her brutal murder nearly two weeks ago, in the heart of the idyllic campus, happened during an utterly routine part of her day: She was walking to her dorm room from the drama building at 9:30 p.m. -- using a well-traveled sidewalk dimly illuminated with street lights. She was part of the wardrobe crew for an upcoming production. Weiser's murder has shocked and unnerved many of the university's 50,000 students and staff; they are now fretting about safety on a campus surrounded by a city with growing social problems. The horrific crime, the first on-campus murder in 50 years, also has given students a hard life lesson: an up-close look at evil – real evil -- as opposed to all those faux evils and injustices that left-leaning professors and campus social warriors have...(Read Full Article)