Trump and the Death of Reason

Trump supporters are neither stupid nor evil. Rather they are the victims of a decades long conspiracy by the mentally challenged educrats, culminating with Common Core, and the vacuous doyens of modern culture -- think the Kardashians.

Liberals have gravitated to the educational establishment because, lacking children of their own, they can only spread their anti-intellectual philosophies by coopting other people’s children. By changing education from a way to equip young people to be productive members of society into a way to indoctrinate the youth into the emotion-based PC liberal world view the education elites have enabled the whole Trump phenomena.

The cultural leaders join in because they are constantly trying to justify their own moral depravities and hence are eager to crush reason whenever it raises its ugly head. For in a world of reason it would not be possible for stars to both support Roman Polanski, who raped a 13-year-old girl, and condemn all Catholics for the crimes of a few priests.

The rise of “Do you feel me?” over “Do you understand me?” exemplifies the huge change in how a large fraction of Americans -- Trump and Bernie’s supporters -- now base their lives on feelings not reason. Given that feelings are generally a poor way to navigate life liberals need to support the welfare states -- corporate, individual, and educational -- to ensure that people who emote rather than think don’t all simply starve to death or worse be forced to reason in order to survive.

Even the business world has been invaded by the liberal’s rejection of reason. Any intelligent person knows that “Perception is reality” is totally wrong. While it’s true we have to deal with people who shape their perception based on illusions -- Trump voters, for example -- their misperception does not change reality: that Trump has no viable plan to make America great again.

Trump supporters are not stupid; they just haven’t been taught how to think and they are constantly pressured by society to act based on emotions, not analytic thoughts. Sadly, this propensity has been worse in black society with blacks who work to achieve their full mental capabilities being castigated for being “too white”.

That’s why Cruz is having such a hard time winning over Trump voters; Cruz is the antithesis of Trump. Cruz thinks while Trump emotes. Cruz has viable plans to make America great again and to tear down the big government tyranny that is oppressing Americans, while Trump has slogans. Trump is Hollywood flash while Cruz is American exceptionalism.

It’s perfectly understandable why people backed Trump at first, I certainly liked him. After all Trump was the only candidate loudly, and luridly, articulating the frustration that so many Americans felt over the actions of the Demicans in DC. But now that the dust has settled and we know that Trump used the government to try and force a widow out of her house and that Trump treats women worse than Hugh Hefner, thinking people naturally gravitate to Cruz for the simple reason that Cruz actually supports the positions that drew folks to Trump but without Trump’s history of supporting liberal causes.

Sadly, some Trump voters are sticking with emotions. What else can explain how Trump fans conclude that, because some establishment Republicans have, after condemning Cruz for years, decided that Cruz is better than Trump, Cruz must be an establishment lackey while the fact that leading Democrats, like Jimmy Carter, endorsing Trump over Cruz says nothing about Donald?

If you’re supporting Trump, it’s time to ask yourself which America you’d like more; Trump’s, where the First Amendment no longer protects reporters who say things Donald doesn’t like, or Cruz’s America where conservative successes will discredit liberal lies?

Do you want a card-carrying and self-proclaimed member of the donor class who brags about buying politicians running America or do you want someone who has stood up for reduce immigration and enforcing the Constitution even though he was reviled by the Demican’s in DC as a result?

Do you want someone who’s likely to lose to Hillary because few if any women will vote for him after his defense of his female-assaulting campaign manager or his bizarre belief that because his wife is more attractive than Cruz’s she’s a better person, or do you want Cruz who can crush Hillary?

Do you really want a man who used the full power of the government to force a widow to go through five years of legal hell in order to stay in her house in charge of the IRS?

Can you really believe that Trump is pro-life after decades of supporting abortion and his recent unstopping praise for Planned Parenthood? Doesn’t the fact that Trump’s instinct, the emotional approach that endears you to him, was that his sister, who as a judge was a big fan of partial birth abortion, would be a great Supreme Court judge make you wonder about what Trump really thinks?

Can you trust Trump on immigration when he’s admitted that he didn’t care enough to ensure that his subcontractors didn’t use illegals to cut costs?

If you’re thinking of voting for Trump ask yourself if you really want to cast a protest vote to let DC know what you think or do you want to vote for a candidate who hasn’t alienated nearly half the voting population.

The race is not between Trump and Jeb, it’s between Trump and an intelligent, articulate, Hispanic conservative. You’ve let America know that you want the Demican’s out, you’ve helped pave the way for Cruz’s rise and the elimination of Demicans like Bush. But now it’s time to take a cold hard calculating look at which candidate will actually get us across the goal line and, in the long run, win the game for us by limiting immigration and reestablishing a Constitutional government.

Do you really want feelgood bromides from Trump rather than clear and effective plans from Cruz? Do you really want a president who is temperamental and resorts to name calling when instead you can have Cruz who supports the policies you like but who can stay civil under pressure?

If you don’t support Trump talk to your friends who do. Get them to use their minds to realize that Cruz supports all the Trump policies that they like but who has reason, civility, and maturity on his side.

Trump supporters aren’t dumb but they’ve been ensnared in the liberal popular culture and they may need a hand to help jump start their wonderful minds. The sad reality is that it’s tough for even the smartest people to break out of the education establishment/pop culture propaganda. So extend your hand to your friends and help them be all they can be.

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