P.C. โ€“ R.I.P.

There should be no surprise that former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, who played a role in launching the political career of Barack Obama, was found among the street demonstrators in Chicago who succeeded in forcefully disrupting and shutting down Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign rally on March 11, injuring two police officers who were trying to maintain order. When Trump proceeded to move to his next campaign stops in Ohio the following day, he came before crowds and naturally addressed the previous night’s unfortunate descent into violence, only to experience another attempt at disruption. Four secret service agents raced to surround Trump after something was thrown and someone attempted to rush the stage. What is going on?  With provocative and occasional unrestrained rhetoric, Trump can be polarizing -- sometimes inviting a raucous response. But the real problem that gave rise to Trump is intolerance and the soft...(Read Full Article)