On the Path of Submission to Islam

Whether you accept it or not, the free world is at war.

Islam has brought a war against the civilized world. While the majority of the world’s 1.65 billion Muslims are peaceful and are not terrorists, the concern is with the fundamentalists, who are the terrorists. Estimates vary, but if for example 90% of Muslims are peaceful. This means 165 million are fundamentalists. That’s more than the population of France, UK and Canada combined!

Yet, how seriously is this threat being taken? If you ask President Obama he will tell you “America is not at war with Islam.” Well Mr. President you may think that is the case, but the fact is Islam has declared war on America and the free world. While you lament about the sweetness of the Islamic morning call to prayer, fundamentalist Islam is methodically progressing toward taking over Europe and have begun taking down the US. Allow me to provide some information that may open your eyes.

While many think fundamental Islam’s initial overt salvo against the US was 9/11, it actually began with the takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.

However, what wasn’t known until after 9/11 is that Muslims had hatched a plan to take over the US and the West back in 1982. Indeed, in November 2001 Swiss authorities discovered a document known in counterterrorism circles as “The Project.”

From an article written by Patrick Poole here’s what is known.  A Swiss villa owned by Youssef Nada, Director of the Al-Taqwa Bank Lugano was raided on Nov. 7, 2001. Nada had been active with the Muslim Brotherhood, (the grandfather of Muslim terrorist organizations) for decades. The raid was conducted by Swiss authorities at the request of the White House.

Included among the seized documents was a 14-page plan written in Arabic outlining a specific strategy designed to bring about worldwide Islamic domination.

One might think the discovery of such a document would be the lead story in major news sources throughout the free world.  However, because political correctness generally supersedes truth, and media is largely controlled by liberals, whose mantra is political correctness, “The Project” saw very little public light. Yet, the lack of media attention does not and should not diminish the significance of its content.

For example, here are some of the plan’s goals:

  • Networking and coordinating among like-minded Islamist organizations
  • Avoiding open alliances with known terrorist organizations and individuals to maintain the appearance of moderation
  • Infiltrating and taking over existing Muslim organizations and redirecting their goals in line with Muslim Brotherhood goals
  • Using deception to mask the intended goals of Islamist actions, as long as it doesn’t interfere with Sharia law
  • Establishing financial networks…to fund the conversion of the West
  • Conducting surveillance, obtaining data….
  • Monitoring Western media to warn Muslims of plots fomented against them
  • Build networks of schools, hospitals and charitable organizations…dedicated to Islamist ideals….
  • Using Western institutions until they can be converted into service of Islam
  • Involving ideologically committed Muslims in democratically elected institutions on all levels in the West
  • Supporting jihad movements across the Muslim world
  • Inciting hatred by Muslims against Jews and rejecting any discussion of conciliation and coexistence with them
  • Develop a comprehensive 100 year plan to advance Islamist ideology throughout the world

These are just some of what is included in The Project. To read an English translation of the entire document click here

Congruent to this document one must not ignore the phenomenal growth of Islam. Virtually all statistical reports confirm it is the fastest growing religion in the world, including the US.  Worldwide Islam is rapidly catching up to Christianity. In as little as 50 years Islam may be the world’s #1 religion.

If you think the US has little to be concerned about consider this.

In 1970 there were roughly 100 mosques in the US. The most current statistics on mosques in the US are from 2010, which puts the number at just over 2,100. This means more than 2,000 mosques have opened just in the past 40+ years. Moreover, it represents an average of one every week and a growth of 2100% since 1970. If you take into account the same growth pattern since 2010 the actual number is more like 2,300.

The incredible growth of Islam and its goal of domination is well defined in a document titled “Liberty vs. Sharia.” This methodical outline breaks down four stages of Islamic conquest, and the characteristics of each stage. Based on the current state of affairs, the US is well into stage two of the four. The chronicling of Islam’s takeover effort can also be seen in this video.

Their effort includes Muslim “no go zones.” They are primarily in rural areas where Muslims gather together beyond the eyes of most people in order to develop their plans, and in many cases train for the coming battles ahead. Here is a map of known Muslim compounds and other areas of concern in the US.

However, their influence is also starting to penetrate urban America. For example, Hamtramck, a city of roughly 22,000 not far from Detroit has elected the first Muslim dominated City Council.  In nearby Dearborn, MI. a city of 100,000 a group of Christians walked through a Muslim street fair in 2012. They were physically attacked with rocks, bottles, bricks, etc. Even though they were 100% peaceful and had a permit to march, the police came and threatened to arrest them if they didn’t leave.

The combination of political correctness, liberal media, overly zealous civil liberties, which include relaxed civil and criminal laws, coupled with freedom of movement is the most vulnerable environment. While the US is increasingly moving in this direction, there is one place where this environment has existed for some time: Europe. It’s become a mecca for terrorists.

The EU permits open travel among countries under the Schengen Treaty. The social trends have long been full of political correctness with robust civil liberties. The media is heavily left leaning and laws are lax. Case in point- Salah Abdeslam a prime suspect in the Nov. terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130, was arrested March 18 in Brussels. However, did you know he avoided arrest last December in Brussels because it’s against the law to conduct house raids between 9 pm – 5 am?

Europe is heavily populated by its own no go zones. These are geographic areas that are so heavily populated by Muslims they have almost become a separate country within a country. Police don’t patrol their neighborhoods. Sharia Law courts adjudicate civil matters. Non-Muslims are fearful of being in said zones.

A video was released a few years ago on demographics which drives home this stark reality.

Many considered 9/11 as a wake-up call for America and the West. However, the snooze button was pushed and too many Westerners have remained in sleep mode. Moreover, many of them have hardened their politically correct naiveté to the point of acquiescing to the Muslim agenda. This is endangering the lives of the growing number of those who have come to realize the very real threat being faced in the US and Europe

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