In the Name of Lenin, What’s a ‘Democratic Socialist?’

It’s a curious quirk of leftists like Bern Sanders: qualifying “socialist” with “democratic.” Of course, it’s designed to make socialism less menacing and more appealing to Americans, who, at least, have some vague recollection of the “Better dead than red” Cold War trope. But the modifier “democratic” should raise suspicions, and not in ways flattering to Bern and his red ilk. If socialism is so wonderful, so about equality and justice, so respecting of the individual and his place in a collectivist system -- so inherently democratic -- why the need for the qualifier? You mean to say there’s undemocratic socialism afoot? A system of rulers and subjects? Of elites whose superiority confers on them the right to chart the course for the masses? Who won’t blink about using force when the masses get uppity? If socialism can be made acceptable by appending “democratic,” why not so for fascism, whose...(Read Full Article)