Free College Is Too Expensive

There’s a reason why old clichés tend to hang around for decades. The reason is they’re based on fact. Example: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” When someone says that a critically-important product or service is “free,” it isn’t. Everything costs money. Everyone who performs a service or delivers a product gets paid, as well they should. The only question is, by whom? A popular recent theme is free college, which joins free preschool and free healthcare as the latest thing they say we’re “entitled” to for free, that we “deserve.” Everything provided by other people costs money, in the form of salaries, rent, transportation, etc. -- every aspect of a delivered product or service is paid for by someone. If the government is going to provide something to the population for “free,” then the Government has to raise the funds to do so, by collecting taxes. The government has no...(Read Full Article)